Thursday, 20 August 2020

Comic publication update, and other things...

I checked in with the printers and they are only in office here and there, not enough to dedicate time to putting together my graphic novel.  Their time in office will resume to normal hours come September, when I am to check in with them again.  If all goes well, a fall release is expected - maybe by November.  The latest would be by the winter.  Again, deep apologies for taking so long to get the final ball rolling - COVID-19 is the only reason this book is not available yet, but had I gotten on this last fall, it could have been in stores by now.  The feelings of wanting a massive art hiatus put this on the back burner until I decided it was getting ridiculous... then we were hit with a pandemic.  Wonderful. 

A great calm has been coming over me during the past while... one that has been consistent.  Either the CBD is really working now or I did something with prayer and the kundalini that was powerfully successful.  I am really now feeling that, in time, there will come a day where antipsychotics will be a thing of the past in my life, and lowering my dose safely to 40 mg could soon be a realistic option... I always had hopes of being free, now I powerfully believe it's possible.  My subconscious has been weird, making me very cautious, but it seems to be settling.  Less nonsense comes through channel, several recent readings surprised people with how well they went.  Something has improved in Anahata that might have not been refined before... I think I invoked aid with this, I feel warm sensations in that region of the soul on and off, and calm as a result.  I have let go of the idea that I am haunted by darkness now - I have had after effects that led my mind to wander and feel darkness, but it is illness that I am recovering from, not negativity oppressing me.  That time has passed, most days are lovely.  It is easier to relax.

My Dad visited me the other day while I was at work, alone - I seem to channel messages he's relaying to me a bit better now.  I can't say much, only that he's relaying spiritual advice and encouragement.  Again, the way I perceive spiritual visitors is a sense of presence, coupled with channeled input that suggests emotion and information, I do not see them like a ghost before me.  I am rather glad I don't - it might be too much for me, after what I have been through.  Dad visits more often than other spirits.  My psychic mentor says the wise way to approach spiritual visitors is to allow them to visit you, not to call them in like a seance.

Some phenomena remains a bit peculiar - one example is the sense that I have an open communication forming with someone living right now.  There is no way in this world of confirming it at this point, but I shall treat it as though it's real to play it safe.  I know that kundalini and other forms of spiritual opening can produce strange phenomena that means nothing, so I am slightly concerned I am deceived still by my own soul, but other cultures would say this kind of thing is real, so I won't dismiss it completely.  Best to experiment and see where it goes.

I might see my psychic teacher today, go hang in his shop and do some readings to train.  I'm trying to enjoy what remains of this summer, despite how uneventful things have been.  But that's ok, as long as I stay healthy.


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