Sunday, 23 August 2020

An update to my writing on curses...

"Who's Sorry Now" - by Connie Francis

I posted some writings about what I have interpreted on the nature of curses in the past - I want to make an update on some of that now, since I just received refined messages on this subject, while probing it.  Here we go:

To effectively curse someone, one must be at a significantly developed level to have the prowess to effect that kind of change in the world.  When people think about cursing others, they would likely consider turning to black magick with demons, invoking Satan or what not, but there's some issues in working with the diabolical.  Firstly, there is the likelihood of long term karmic problems in one's own life, or spiritual backlash if you involve yourself too heavily with forces that are not of the will of the Spirit.  Secondly, if you do create an effective result with these forces, it is likely to only be if it would go against the Spirit's will - so, you might harm someone who honestly does not deserve it, which is a very bad idea for one's karma in the long term.  Also, what I am understanding is that yes, anything you could effect change with using devils might play out in a destructive way against your target - yet, it should be noted that to truly devastate a life, you want to get Divinity to curse your target, that it be God's will (otherwise it wouldn't work, if it's with Divinity).  Then it is especially juicy how it will play out - it is also that much harder to lift a curse the Divine inflicted than one of dark forces, simply because dark forces are spiritually inferior.  So, if you are powerful enough, consider that if God agrees that a person deserves to be cursed, it is better both for you and for your results.  Generally speaking, God might agree with the curse if it is a means to an end for a necessity.  Don't fuck around with lower magick - I can't stress this enough!

So, looking at these TikTok baby witches and their moon cursing shit is so laughable to me, as is how many pagans reacted to it.  Firstly, I doubt these girls even have the clout as magicians to curse anything at this point, especially considering what they were attempting to curse (also, one has to wonder if they are at an age where they have truly refined themselves enough for any kind of relevant magickal power).  Pagans online reacted in a way that I also laughed at, because they implied that what they did was profoundly unwise and would insult the gods.  Uhm, seeing as these are goofy girls doing goofy girl shit, I doubt the gods were even aware, doubt they could have been affected, and also people are anthropomorphizing Divinity a bit much assuming a god would react to this the same way a human would.  It just sounds silly all around to me, coming from someone who understands how to work with the gods after calling to them to get through demonic possession.  Neopaganism really looks silly to me when it's done badly.

So remember, sinners - devotion will get you far.  And aim high, don't play with pig shit like Satan.  Glorifying this kind of source for "helping" you is like praising a pedophile with a white van for handing out candy to children.  Refine your qualities, listen to the messages the world whispers to you, and be with the will of the Spirit, and you will be surprised at what Divinity will let you get away with, if God thinks it's a good idea.


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