Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Milk and Honey...

Some interesting developments in my channeled drawings, after rigorous prayers to several sources.  Recalling some videos I saw on DMT, I considered the chemical reaction in the brain that happens when a person awakens - the "milk and honey" of the pituitary and pineal glands.  Neurotransmitters are excreted which combine in a process that allows for the process of enlightenment, among other things.  I am not an expert on this alchemical process (at least not from a neurological studies perspective), only that I know it must have happened to me at some point in 2006, albeit with negative sources affecting me at the time in the spirit world.  I mused over the idea a while back about a "DMT imbalance", but now I suspect that it's simply that something negative affected me while under this alchemical transformation, making me a doorway to bad sources.  I don't know if a DMT imbalance is even possible - that was probably a bad suspicion, I think my brain chemistry knows what it's doing.

After some use of CBD combined with prayers to Jesus, Metatron, and other sources, I began to later receive a spirit drawing of a symbol that basically looks like a circle with a vertical ellipse beneath it, with 3 droplets falling from the ellipse.  I would imagine this suggests to work greater with the neurological alchemy, in my prayers.  This also makes me hopeful that any strange neurological issue I have now is likely just a combination of exhaustion and an awkward stage of my brain's shifting chemistry, and not a serious thing like damage as I sometimes worry it might be.  It's hard to know for sure, and when I overanalyze things, it can influence the channel, leading to poor insights.  I am simply not yet sufficiently developed as a mind to bypass this, so I may provide "insights" on here from time to time that are utterly meaningless.  I have since prayed that the alchemy in the brain be free of all negativity lingering in the spiritual dimension (if any remains open from what I went through), and that it work with the Divine only to allow enlightenment in the brain, along with strengthening of any abilities I have, or any betterment in me it can provide.  Today has been a good day for mental health.

I have put away the CBD for a while, since then, for a little break.  I want to see how things unfold in the brain - plus, my lungs could use a break.  It has felt slightly better in my neurology as of late, probably because of CBD and other means of healing.  It certainly is a lot better than it was at the beginning of the year, when I was hospitalized.  I channeled that I will be able to pick up THC again at some point, but that I must not jump the gun, of course.  I am very cautious after what I have endured.


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