Saturday, 27 June 2020

Reading disturbing insights: The eerie side of psychic ability...

Sometimes I read stuff that makes me upset, shaken, or like I wish I hadn't heard it.  A while back, it's that a childhood memory of discovering a car in a lake meant that Dad and I were in the vicinity of a cadaver, while yesterday it was that my orthodontist likely fucked up my lower jaw, and that my bottom row of teeth was best left alone, without braces.  It can make me a little bit ticked, or it can make my hair stand on end.  I don't know how other psychics interpret the tough stuff, I (usually) don't get visuals, but instead the information through my voice.  In the past, when I was in spiritual crisis, I was bombarded by visions, but most of it was likely nonsense.  Often, the Spirit made it look and sound comical to cushion the blows I would feel in my mind.  Spirit has a way of making psychic phenomena easier to swallow if something wants to make it through that could be difficult to take in.  When the demon was active, it would make a lot of vile information come through, sometimes I would react by hitting myself out of panic, which the Spirit had to stop me from doing.  It's no longer like that - maybe I have a weak moment here or there, but in general, anything unpleasant comes forward in the nicest way possible.

When I give a reading that has dark things to say to someone else, Spirit tries to craft it so that it gives advice on the avoidable, and hope with the unavoidable.  I am assuming most people want to hear they're going to be loaded financially, or that the perfect spouse will come into their life... if things don't look great, Spirit might instead suggest ways they could turn things around to nurture that possibility.  Something I read for myself several times over is that while I will develop the skills of a true professional, I am not meant to be a career psychic.  Spirit said a gig here and there is fine, but that They don't want me to be doing it as a profession.  Apparently, I still have some kind of calling in the arts... go figure.  I was told if I try to pursue a professional psychic career, it is bound to fail... the Tower card was pulled a few times for this.  Wonderful.

Some advice I'll quickly give people trying to hone their psychic abilities: be prepared for some weird shit!  Are you sure you can handle what comes to you?  Many psychics call their abilities a curse, if they find it too hard to process.  I'm still trying to refine my own skills, but in a different way.  I've done my shadow work so as not to be haunted by that at this point.  Mostly, I am frustrated if details are wonky, that's my issue.

My mentor, having been at this as long as he has, works on and off with police services when they get a cold case, and has even helped solve several of them.  He has very close ties with indigenous communities, because they trust his talents are the real deal.  I still need to pay him for a full reading sometime - he gave me a partial reading, which convinced me he's great, when I met him.  He seems to have many fans and friends and knows a great deal of people.

I was back at work yesterday, and will be again today - it wasn't so bad.  I miss the staycation already, but it's time to get back to the old way of life.  Work will be slow for a while, due to things not being as active in the city, so at least I won't be stressed.  The time off gave me a lot of opportunity to concentrate further on healing, and I think some minor breakthroughs have been achieved, as a result.


PS: A premonition I had in my readings of a dear friend successfully being accepted into Canada came true - I kept drawing the 10 of Cups for them, the card of happy endings.  I didn't tell them in case I was wrong and something awful happened, but once I got the news they found out about my premonition.

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