Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Psychological quirkiness and psychic ability...

I am wondering if psychics and other spiritually developed thinkers often have psychological quirks, perhaps even handicaps, that limit some of what they can do with their minds in other ways.  Though I have never been diagnosed with a learning disability, I have never grasped mathematics (beyond perhaps graphs, geometry, and that kind of thing).  I had a math tutor in high school, and I would have to relearn technique over and over again, and I still wouldn't get it.  I have a low brow job where I do simple arithmetic, and though I had a science interest as a young kid, I gave up on it when I came to realize how much I needed math to get anywhere with it as a career.  Math is profoundly boring to me and I get frustrated attempting anything higher than, perhaps, simple fractions.  Also, although I am pretty good with English, reading passages of text can be difficult, because I find retaining what I have just read, for long, to be extremely challenging.  I may have to reread a paragraph several times over before moving on in the book, and by the end of it, there are gaping holes in my understanding of what I have just completed.  (My memory is not very good for my age, either.)  So, I don't read as much as some - I enjoy it, but it's not something that I'm constantly doing.  I am a bibliophile, but one who doesn't finish every single book I begin, and it's often because of this reason.

I decided, after trying art school, that I was not cut out for university, or college even, because of these complications.  I can't blossom in an environment that teaches a kind of learning based on taking in knowledge through intense study, and then proving understanding by regurgitating it with tests, essays, et cetera.  I find it a chore, and also rather difficult to do.  In high school, I was a so-so student - I was often kind of elsewhere as a mind, and so if things had been different, I might have been diagnosed with a learning disability.  I don't see it as an ADD thing - I see it as my mind having a different way of perceiving, which might handicap me in other, more conventional ways.  One thing I am super brilliant at is pattern recognition, and there's this weird game called "Ghost Blitz" that no one can beat me at - I am ten times faster than anyone else playing it.  I am also a Pareidoliac in the most extreme sense, seeing faces in inanimate objects everywhere, and even going as far as to decide things about the character of the object, like personality and intelligence, and I subconsciously might think of what its voice might sound like if the object were to speak.  This is something people often debate, as to whether or not Pareidolia is a disorder - I think that this argument is horseshit, and that instead it's a sign of high creative intelligence, and it's been an asset for me as a cartoonist.  It may also be a sign of refined intuition.

My psychic mentor is illiterate, which I found surprising, since he has made a career for himself, and seemed to get through life well despite it.  He is extremely wise, has eyes that penetrate like he knows secrets about you, and is a sweet, compassionate, if a little curmudgeonly older man.  Other psychics I have known have had mental awkwardness, psychiatric trouble, and so on, and yet they have this profound skill in an area that is not yet fully honoured or embraced in this part of the world.  Perhaps psychics are wired in such a way that it means in some ways, there could be qualities that challenge how they function or relate to this kind of society.  I function very well - I have the ability, though it is still refining in many ways, to gain hidden knowledge through my methods, of subject matter I have never studied before (kind of like metaphysical Google), I have proven to have at least moderate psychic ability that is still growing when people confirm details for me, and I can grasp certain abstract concepts well, despite not having a higher education, or a scientific mind... I do so with spirituality, it's simply another means of perceiving.  I loathe the idea of going back to school, for it is pricey, I am certain I would drop out, and I know my mind would not fit in.  I may be some kind of genius with these traits, but not one who works quite as well in this society as I might in another, or perhaps in another point in history.  I am also extremely good at tolerating insane levels of psychological pain, and I do so with humour, among other things.  I do not appreciate feeling pain, but can adapt to it, and I find ways to cope until I find ways to overcome it.  I am not a masochist, but I desire to be one.

As I recover, I am still learning about my mind, its limits, its potential, and I am still, from practicing psychic skills on others, seeing that there is a need for much more refinement.  I only just opened to Akasha in 2018, so I'm sure I am nowhere near where I could be.  One thing that was odd for me as a kid that I have concluded was latent psychic potential, was that, having seen enough old "Simpsons" reruns, I sometimes would randomly think of a quote or a scene from an old episode, and then see that same episode on TV within days, and this happened repeatedly.  So, if this kind of thing happens with you with information randomly coming to your mind that later shows up in life in some way, like with a TV show or an event, you too might be a psychic waiting to blossom!


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