Sunday, 7 June 2020

Prayers to Uriel...

A few days ago, I remembered to consider archangel Uriel, an angel I had petitioned back in 2018 for help in defeating my demon, along with several others - some more famous, like Michael and Gabriel, some slightly less known by most people, like Jeremiel and Mitzrael.  (Metatron was the heavy hitter, among them, that helped to actually destroy it - other angels merely made it more possible, and me a bit stronger.)  After praying to Uriel recently, I got a message that my soul was about to be alleviated of more suffering.  Since then, some despair I have had seems less intense, and my psychic channeling seems to be returning.  Last night was a little shitty until I reached out in prayer to Jesus and was able to get out of some bad evening anxiety.  Night is the time when my worries come out to haunt me - fears of the future, loneliness, concerns that everything will be taken away from me again.

What I think I have been interpreting badly is exactly what this "field" business is - I kept channeling about a bad field, but now I think it's more that my own field, my soul, is sick, corrupted by what this demon did to me.  Since October of 2018, when the demon died, I have still not felt that great, often channeling aggravating nonsense on bad psychic days, feeling sickly, having strange sensations, sometimes needing brief hospitalization again, not having the energy of someone my age, and yet not getting any sign from medical science that anything is unusual in blood tests, and even psychiatry began to respect my ideas more, now that I articulate myself well in ER interviews.  (When I go to a psychiatric ER, I don't talk about demons, I use language close enough to their own, like "Spiritual Problem" and "challenges that came out of personal esoteric practice"... one has to be cautious with these types, or they will just decide you are paranoid, since psychiatry is ruled by atheism right now.)

The Psalms seemed to tone things down a bit, or at least did something I could physically feel that was soothing while reciting them, but I guess angels were what I really needed to turn to.  Uriel is one I don't know too much about, but I invoked him at a time when I was desperately trying to end the reign this entity had over my soul.  Today I feel a bit more refreshed - not perfect, but I might have figured out a crucial component of what was needed for healing.  Other things have urged me forward, but nothing corrected me 100%, so I hope this was the last source I needed to consider, because I am absolutely exhausted.

Another interesting thing happened the other night - I think I heard Jesus talk to me.  Sometimes I get a channeled message as though it is what He might say, but lying in bed, I heard a gentle masculine voice, very soft, non intrusive (I had to really concentrate to hear it) - it said it was Jesus, encouraging me to hold on, that things are improving... I don't recall all the details.  I also got that He will be clearer in time, so I expect this to continue.

Rosary coven today - we do this every Sunday online.  A little Zoom social activity.  We get together as devotees and do rosary recitation together, then socialize with alcohol or whatever's in the fridge.  I might be back at work soon, because our business is back up and running, only that there aren't enough available hours for the part timers to pick up shifts again - all hours are going to full time employees.  I have to say, I have enjoyed the downtime greatly, even without much to do in the city.  It's been very healing.


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