Monday, 29 June 2020

More solar system oddness that came through channel...

Furthering my discussion on the solar system, here are some fascinating psychic insights into the nature of the planets that might not have true relevance, but are interesting nonetheless, so I wanted to provide an article on them:

I had discussed the planets as having more spiritual significance and meaning than western science tends to give them credit for, and that advanced astrology has some definite merit, but is perhaps a confused system.  Planets are divine powers that function as a means to an end, represented in this dimension as we see them, influencing this as well as other dimensions.  They are also influenced by other things outside of this dimension.  One of the nine planets shouldn't exist at all because it is a flaw, according to my channeling.  This is Pluto, which at one time, as you may recall, was no longer considered a planet, but now is considered, last time I checked, a dwarf planet.  With its strange orbit and frustrating influence on things (according to astrological lore, at least), Pluto is an unwholesome object that has generated corruption on all the other planets throughout this solar system's existence.  Diabolical influences work with Pluto's power to harm the world.  One by one, corruption is being corrected by forces (in any way that it can be), what Hindus might call the Hand of Vishnu.  Neptune was fucked up by this in ancient times but has stabilized, others are strange, apparently Jupiter is very angry because of what came of it, and is sick.  Jupiter is like a mad king - he is supposed to be like the King of Pentacles of the tarot, but right now as a power radiates more like an enraged King of Wands.  The planets not being as healthy as they should be can mean strange things for one's personal astrology, as far as how they influence an individual.  I am getting that Pluto kicked my ass, Jupiter made life hard, along with Uranus, but I channel that I could correct influences with the right spiritual approach.  I don't really follow advanced astrology, this is just stuff I have channeled about how influences may have affected me - I am a Taurus Sun sign, Aries rising, and Cancer Moon, but I don't recall the rest of my chart.  Again, I am still refining my skills, still healing, so when I am yet more confident in what comes of this, I may write about this again, and perhaps one day do Sister Penance tarot videos that discuss what Akasha has to say.

Pluto, I get, will one day be destroyed in some way, in the distant future.  The universe, a conscious entity, is designed to regulate itself, correcting its own flaws where it can, as it unfolds.  There are dimensions like this created and destroyed all the time - when Nataraja stops his cosmic dance, the end comes about, but the dance will begin again, in another form.  Humans, who love to catastrophize, are as strange as they are right now due to planetary influences, and two of the biggest players are Pluto and Jupiter.

I am going to work with Uriel now to see if I can alleviate myself of some of my weirder influences, based on what I channel.  Angels are likely my best bet to attempt such a thing, and Uriel seems to have helped a lot with some of my problems, especially recently.


UPDATE: A bit more channeled information to add - the influence of Pluto in the solar system, along with other examples of corruption in the Spirit, means an abundance of Yang energies in nature, creating problems in how nature relates to itself.  Too much Yang means nature is out of whack - toxic masculinity currently rules the world, humans are insane and destructive, there are problems in the very nature of things and how the planet relates to itself, both through us and through other components of it.  The ultimate reason for all that is wrong is too much Yang, which creates patterns in the way things play out.  The good news about excessive Yang is that it cannot last - like a wave collapsing upon the shore, only to retreat back into the ocean, Yin will make a comeback, and nature will reclaim itself.

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