Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Kriyas, answered prayers, and returning to the cathedral...

I seem to still be getting kriyas, but they're not like anything I've seen in yoga.  A kriya can happen during an awakening, it's like a kind of exercise or movement the soul compels the body to perform.  Many yogas in the east are based on kriyas, to try to stimulate the movement of the kundalini.

These kriyas seem to be getting my body to sit in one of the four cardinal directions, on my knees, and do various gestures with my hands, like the prayer palms, the sign of the cross, the crossing of the forehead, lips, and chest, among other things.  So they're more Christian in how they present than, say, downward dog.  I guess it comes down to the process being universal, but the path being specific.  I am not sure how long I will be doing these kriyas, only that they are unconscious, automatic, and happen when I am at rest.  I can control them when the body goes into them - they were more annoying in the past, and I think Jesus, once entering my life, toned down their intensity.  Some made me feel like I was coming out of my skin before he calmed the process.

I think prayers I uttered before are taking hold, because for the past week I have been feeling energetically a bit more normal... no fatigue, less anxiety, more hopeful.  I am going through Mary with prayers to Jesus instead of just directly to Christ, and am thinking it's a better route to take, in my case.  While I dig the Protestant idea of having a personal relationship with Christ (without relying on a priest) I think Catholic thought on going through the saints is a better route in successful prayer - it has been that way for me, anyway.  I also don't want to be obsessed with the Bible the way Protestants are - I use it for bibliomancy and incants, mostly.  Catholics read it but not like Protestants.  I think some passages are very powerful, a lot of it should be considered relevant as historical documents but not as something that modern man should attempt to follow verbatim.  Context is badly interpreted by many, and a lot of hate comes out of cherrypicking from it.  So, it's a magickal text for me, not a personal guide.  I see the Bible as a talisman, a power object, one that more often than not has been abused.

I went to my local cathedral today, the first time since the COVID-19 shut downs.  It was nice to return, though many pews were roped off, we needed to use hand sanitizer, there was no holy water, and everyone wore masks.  I did a round of the rosary and stayed for about an hour, having missed sacred space.  I didn't go to service... I don't, usually - mostly I'm there for contemplation, since that particular church has very arrogant priests, and their sermons are condescending.  One guy seems ok, but another went on some oddly anti-feminist tirade, and I kind of wanted the guy to just go and jerk off in the bathroom to relieve pranic tension so he could think clearly, because he seemed kind of angry.  I think Anglican clergy are way more chill, and there is likely far less sex scandal, because their priests can actually enjoy a good romp in the hay, while Catholics have shitty pranic health due to chastity they might not be the greatest at maintaining, so they're kind of insane.  They at the very least have piss poor prostate health, said the Anglican Druid, mentioning that many Catholic priests develop prostate cancer.

(I guess that's one way of becoming celibate!)


PS: Another new symbol started coming through spirit drawing - the Vishnu forehead marking, what I like to call "Vishnu's tuning fork".  Interesting!

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