Sunday, 28 June 2020

Common signs of a spiritual awakening...

Thought I'd now list signs to watch for when you're just not sure if you're waking up, or if it's a conventional mental health concern.  Here are some that I have experienced, along with traits that I have heard of in others - worth considering if you're skeptical of any diagnosis a doctor has given you:

- You may see lights, blobs of colour, and static noise in your field of vision.  This is a common reaction when the soul is waking up.  It's suggested that it's your neurology reacting to the shifting soul.  Don't worry about it - it doesn't mean your brain is in pain, even though it can seem weird.

- You may have sudden, unexplainable emotions that come over you, which might be mistaken for bipolar symptoms.  These are more like a reaction in you than a deeply felt emotion.  You might be moved more easily by things.

- You may find that you are either somewhat (or perhaps completely) unresponsive to conventional psychiatric treatment.  (I was able to ground a bit with medication but still suffered with my spiritual problems.)  If this is the case, it's important to include alternative therapy, whatever that may look like, with your standard treatment regimen.  The system swallowed me up and kept me sick until I got somewhere with this.  It took undoing a lot of damage that was done to me with bad ideas they put in my head about myself.

- You might take on new values, or have a change in perspectives and interests.  Old interests may start to seem boring, while others you never considered interesting before might have a new appeal.  Me, I grew tired of screen gazing and video games (I still do these things but rarely), and wanted to explore contemplation.  Simple living became my ideal.

-  You may develop a sense of awe and wonder at the thought of the Divine.  The Christians call this "fear of the Lord".  You might feel closer to God, or desire to seek Him more intensely.  This might give you an overwhelming drive to become a seeker.  Go with it - don't fight it.  If you do, it could get frustrating for you, and Spirit might just keep pushing you back towards the path until you surrender to it.  The sooner you do so, the better.

- You might feel funny, often tingly sensations in your brain, or other parts of your body.  This is your growing soul reacting to your body.  Nothing to worry about.

- You might feel more sensitive, particularly to substances you might have once had no problem consuming (like psychoactives or alcohol), but also to sensations and experiences.  This means you are becoming more aware of things.

- There will likely be a feeling of something crucial or profound happening in you, which might be hard to explain to others.  Ignore any doctor who says that it's just mania, if you know deep down it is something more powerful than that.  Bad ideas from psychiatrists are very harmful to people in spiritual crisis - I could have been out of my problems much sooner if I hadn't been brainwashed so heavily by CAMH.

- If your mind feels wonky, these are adjustments happening - they mean that you have to work with them to overcome them, but you can, and will probably refine from it all.  Reach out to the Divine for help.

There are plenty of other signs but these are common for many different types of awakenings, including kundalini, the shamanic initiatory crisis, and psychic opening.  Do some research on the various forms of spiritual awakening out there, and see which feels the most right to describe what you're going through.  It's a shame there aren't more resources out there for this sort of thing - more and more people are going through this, and modern medicine has yet to catch up.  As long as atheism rules psychiatry, there's going to be a problem finding services that work in mainstream medicine.


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