Friday, 8 May 2020

Tips for reading with tarot...

This was one I had been considering writing about for a while - thought I'd get to it today!  Here are some tips I would recommend for people getting into tarot, and what to keep in mind.  Some of this is from what I channeled and have come to learn in my own practice, and some is advice my psychic mentor would likely give.  Here we go:

- You must allow your soul to adapt and transform for any reading you get with the tarot to be meaningful.  This is a lengthly process and requires that you connect with your deepest self and work with it.  It may mean confronting your shadow self and doing tons of work with that to get there.  If you were born into this world with psychic gifts, you likely developed them in a previous life.

- Don't study the shit out of the arcana in books because this may lead you to overanalyzing the cards, losing the meaning in them.  Treat the cards as suggestions, and allow the Spirit to whisper the meaning to you, in whatever way you receive it.  If you study the cards too much, it may not mean anything anymore.  My psychic mentor cautions against thinking too much in a reading - he says, allow the thoughts to come into your mind.  (Personally, I learned the arcana through seeing what cards were drawn and what Spirit had to say in the messages affiliated with them - it was an intuitive means of learning them, Akasha helping me out.)

- Speaking of Akasha, if you can find a way to open to the Akashic Records, you will have finer readings, so keep that in mind in your practice with personal development.  The Holy Spirit also really helped refine my divination skills, once I confirmed myself to the Christian path, on my own.  The Spirit (the "higher spirit") channels through me.  Other sources have also helped adjust things.

- Do not obsess over the results of a reading, and be cautious of the advice you get with it.  Even though I have reached an interesting level, I still mostly take readings with a grain of salt, even though I do them a lot to train, and have used tarot as a means to help with contemplation.  You do not want to make rash decisions and regrettable mistakes because of what you got from some cards.

- I hear that tarot readings are hard to do for oneself - I don't have this problem in my case, but have heard it's common.  If it's the case for you, avoid "card flippers" when getting a reading from someone else.  My mentor uses this term to describe people who are not truly psychic, who are simply interpreting cards based on what they know about the arcana.  This is more or less just a game, and not the real thing.  Look for quality psychics with a good reputation, make sure that they are recommended.

- The idea that you have to be gifted your deck, that you can't buy your own, is pure superstition.  There is tons of superstition in spirituality, this is an excellent example of that.  Things are superstitious when they are not involved enough to be relevant.

- Experiment and find your own methods of interpreting the cards.  Personally, I don't use spreads, I find they are lacking if there's a better card to consider from the deck, so I go through every single card, the cards upside down, and am given the signal kinetically from Spirit as to what cards are relevant to draw, then I channel the message with them as they are pulled.  You don't have to do Celtic Cross - make up your own methods.  Any "authority" that says you are doing it wrong if your way isn't traditional is not a sound authority - find what works best for you.

- Tarot should be used more for contemplation until you reach a level where you truly get somewhere with psychic ability.  Do not think it can be done easily - it can take a long time.  You have to transform your mind, which can take a lot of work.  It might even take going through a period of psychological oddness.  That is sometimes what people have to go through to transform.

-Having higher spiritual authority working with you will lead to better results than lower authority, malicious sources, or random spirits.  Consider a path that will lead you to higher spiritual authority, and figure out what path is best for your soul.  The finest readers are those who are closest to the Divine.

Hope these suggestions help anyone getting into tarot who is reading this.  I am still growing with my skills - practice is a regular thing for me.  I find that using tarot is much better for channel than doing channel with no divination tools to concentrate on.  Some people can do this kind of thing without tools, but I still feel like I get better readings using them.  So does my psychic mentor, and he's a master who has been doing it professionally for over 60 years.


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