Saturday, 23 May 2020

Psalm recitations with Mary...

Concerned about my situation not being resolved, I came to consider what else I had not tried with my practice.  Psalms are something I have worked with a bit, uttering the name of Jesus with them, but I didn't consider the Virgin Mary.  Often, Mary is depicted in paintings crushing the head of the serpent, so - remembering that, I tried a lengthly recitation of various Psalms, in Her name, to see if that could help with what remained of the problem.  It was interesting what I felt.

Sometimes when I try something that leads to effective results, I feel an intense sensation within, almost like a temperature change, but not even that - like something wicked within me is being affected.  This happened with the sweetgrass incident with Metatron - it's a slightly blissful feeling, like something very good combating something very bad.  I came to realize my problem was probably still slightly there, was deceived into thinking it was not, so I had to attack it again.  I recited a myriad of Psalms until I got the sense I had done enough (King James edition - prettier English), it must have lasted for an hour and a half, at least.  I am now going to observe what comes of it.  I followed up with prayers to St. Michael, and another sweetgrass smudge to Metatron.

This morning, when trying to read the Psalms again, I barely felt that sensation.  Maybe that's all that I needed, and it's just to fade out entirely now?  Sight is not clear in me, I need to wait and observe, maybe continue to experiment a little with more recitations.  This has been about fighting for my life, and now it's ten times better than it ever was, so I am likely to be fine, in the end.  (I think I am closer to Mary now than I was before - I prayed to St. Anne that She be invoked in me, and to consecrate myself to Her Immaculate Heart.  Going through saints seems to help with invoking higher figures - for Jesus, it was St. Jude, for Mary, Her mother - St. Anne.)  I have also been doing many recitations of the rosary with my special item.

Yesterday, I saw an odd sight for my part of Toronto, in the sky, above my building - some turkey vultures circling overhead.  Was it a sign of something getting finished off?  I feel attuned enough to recognize many signs, and this might have been what it was saying.  I was moved by it enough to consider it may have meant something.


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