Monday, 25 May 2020

Psalm recitations, again, but this time with Jehovah...

I kept reciting Psalms to Mary, but found that the sensation in my soul wasn't returning, so I assumed it to mean she had done the work she could do with my intentions.  Considering all the Godhead symbols I receive with spirit drawing, I decided to try working with Jehovah in this manner - the results have been fascinating.

Once again, the sensations of warmth, of Divinity acting upon me, I felt throughout my torso, as I read various Psalms from my family heirloom King James bible.  I had to consult the internet to look for Psalms that are specific to spiritual warfare, but the Christian sources on the web tend to be shite, so I kept reading the same 7 or so passages over and over again.  It got pretty dry.

Then I remembered a book I once owned, that likely got tossed during the book purge when the demon got the upper hand of my mind back in 2012, and I threw out very many great things, fearing a curse.  "Powers of the Psalms" by Anna Riva is a great book for knowing specific uses for various Psalms, magickally speaking, or in prayer.  I went to my favourite weird esoteric supply shoppe in Kensington Market today and bought another copy, along with some frankincense and candles.  (Elsewhere, I also bought a cloth face mask, my rubber respirator being too much for the current heat wave, and a kombucha.)  In a nearby park (alone - still being good about social distancing!) I recited all the Psalms dedicated to dealing with evil forces, and asked that Jehovah attack my demon, or alleviate me of it.  I read each one that seemed to have some relevance in that regard, then headed home.

As I made my way back, I got the message that prayers are being answered, so we shall see as the days press on.  I feel a bit lighter in my soul in recent days - a very good sign.  Things haven't been so much chaotic as there has been a very boring feeling lingering in me that makes me just want to crawl into bed and sleep.  Certain recent posts I have made will have updates added, or perhaps be deleted entirely, because they were composed under frustrating spiritual illusions I continue to battle.  The demon field complicates the channel, and some days are worse in this regard than others.


MAY 26th UPDATE: Today, I figured to surrender full authority over the situation to Jehovah.  Now I wait and see how this unfolds.  Already, there seems to be improvement.

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