Thursday, 7 May 2020

Karmic hygiene tips...

Karmic hygiene is something one wants to be on top of for a finer life.  We come into our lives with karmic patterns from previous lives that we need to work through in order to advance as a soul, so being on top of your karmic health is important if you want to complete your life with a greater sense of satisfaction.

Here are some pieces of advice I would give for having finer karmic health:

- Do not shake things up in your life in any dramatic way that interferes with patterns that are currently working.  Every time you pick up and start again in any radical way (and if it is not in your best interest to do so), there is a disruption in your karma.  Make sure you are cautious in approaching any situation, and be aware that it may take time for things to settle in this regard, rather like ripples in water upon tossing pebbles in a pond.  If you can, try to go with what your gut thinks is right for you, for that is your best guide when making a major decision.

- Obviously, try to create good karma by doing good deeds, having the right attitude, and just trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be.  Even if it feels wrong, put on the best face you can, especially on social media, and hold in your feelings until you are with the right party to vent them, or on your own.  What you present to the world affects everything, and also your relationship to it.  Karma is based on how you relate to the world.

- Avoid witchcraft as a magickal practice, because it is one of the worst things for making karma go strange.  It is not so much a "sinful" practice when it is done a certain way, as much as it is unsound for your karma.  To really get to an effective level with magickal practice, you have to allow yourself to evolve properly, then approach Divinity the correct way, and allow magick to work with you in that manner.  When you are working with lower magick, you are involving yourself with spiritual forces that have the side effects of harming karma.  It is better, in the long run, to have really good karma, than it is to keep casting spells to try to make your life better.  Money may come your way if your karma is excellent... witchcraft won't give it to you.  (Again, I am not anti-witch, as much as I am spiritually cautious and wary of things that have made me unsound in the past, and I hate to hear horror stories of others - I have channeled many times over that witchcraft is not safe for things like karma.  An indigenous elder has also suggested that this kind of practice can be unsafe.)

- I hate to sound like an evangelistic knob, but one of the best go-to gods when karma goes wrong is Jesus.  He can correct horrible patterns someone may have affecting them, and He can also correct it if it goes wrong again.  Sorry - I know people are sick of hearing about Jesus, but I have to say, my karma was pretty disgusting because of evil, and He fixed it for me, so this is something I can safely say I experienced firsthand.  (BTW, I am soooo bored with evangelism and I think the best way to do it correctly, if one wants to, is rather like the rules of good writing - show, don't tell.  Be the right kind of person, and let people figure out what's best for themselves, on their own.)

- Although it's important to be cautious and aware of karma, don't become paranoid and overanalyze everything you do in relation to it, because that is not good for it either.  It's a bit tricky to get your mind relaxed about these things if you give them too much thought - for that, you want some kind of practice to settle yourself and see things for what they are a bit better.

That's about all the advice I have for now.  I am not yet at a level to grasp a deeper understanding of the nature of karma, so this article was just some advice on what I know works to help one be healthier in this regard.


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