Sunday, 17 May 2020

Confirmation with Mary...

Something I did back in the beginning of the year, after getting out of the hospital, was figure out that I needed to confirm with Jesus Christ to work closer to him.  This strengthened my psychic sight, and allowed for progress in removing the field, ultimately.  But I guess I needed to keep considering things, as yesterday I prayed to also confirm with Mary, as an experiment, and this unlocked something that was missing in my spirituality.  This morning, I prayed the rosary, as I am trying to do so more often (daily, if I can) and I feel quite blissful, having completed it.  Mary must be closer to me than she could be before.  It looks like I needed to balance confirmation of the sacred masculine with the equivalent to the sacred feminine.  (I am not sure what happens in official Catholic confirmation, if Mary is included in the ceremony, but with only confirmation to Jesus, it was just half of the puzzle.)  Something feels better in my soul, like pouring cool water over a burn.  Perhaps this is why I channeled an image of the Star of David - now, there's harmony coming with my involvement in both components of Divine presence.  Last night wasn't even that bad as I bedded down... no bad anxiety, no worries about my life or the world around me.

Speaking of the Star of David, of the talismans that I have worn, it may be the most powerful for me that I have used for my needs.  I think the crucifix was also legitimately working as a talisman, but the Star of David seemed to give me an edge over the demon.  I came to understand to obtain one after being instructed a long time ago through ouija to purchase one.  But the demon kept getting me to throw them out - I must have gone through half a dozen over the years.  Certainly, whenever I was wearing one, towards the end, it gave me power to first kill the demon with prayers to Metatron using the sweetgrass braid, and later, to finish off the field once I wore it again, using prayer pipe, mostly.  When I research the Star of David, it seems to sometimes allow the wearer to have power and control over demons, in occult and mystical traditions.  It only came to be associated with Judaism much later in history - the original symbol of Judaism was the menorah. Spirit wanted me to wear this, but it was confusing for a while and sometimes I thought the demon was using it to control me, and not the other way around.  Things were very frustrating for a long time, and paranoia meant I went through a lot of sacred items like this, over and over again, trying to get the upper hand.


UPDATE: I am once again taking the Star of David off for a while, because I wonder again if it's a detriment.  Considering it was ouija that told me to wear it - not a good sign.  And weird things would happen when I wore it.  Maybe if I take it off I will feel less sick.  So off it goes... just not in the garbage this time.

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