Monday, 4 May 2020

"Cobra Queen"...

Here's a fun one I painted today, as I got an itch to pick up my acrylics and tackle a canvas.

I decided to explore my archetypal "queeny" qualities, while keeping in mind the Cobra.  Cobras are affiliated with royalty in both Indian and Egyptian culture and spirituality, so I gave myself an Elizabethan collar that looks almost like an Egyptian pharaoh's headdress.  The cobra looming above my head took on a softer, friendlier quality by the time I finished it, suggesting a gentler nature than what one would expect from this animal.  I emphasized my heavy vertical brow line, something that developed presumably due to the stresses of possession, it makes me look commanding.  I might touch this one up here and there, but I think that's that.  (Again, I want my next phone camera to be better quality than this - you can't see the crispness of the lines here.)

Maybe self-portraits are self-indulgent, but I find them to be an interesting way to explore the personality.  Every once in a while, I do one, and take note of what I end up looking like in the end results.  Here, I look confident and determined, but perhaps a bit jaded, too.

Fuck - this camera sucks so bad... oh well!


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