Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Some eerie goodness...

All planet sounds from space (in the solar system)

This showed up on my Facebook feed, and I felt like blogging it - some very strange sounds coming from the solar system.  It sounds like the kind of stuff you'd hear in dark ambient music... some of them are especially haunting.  I wonder what Gustav Holst would think of these?!

Thought I'd ask Spirit about the planets, and what humanity doesn't understand about them.  The channel said that they are powers that generate effects that ultimately lead to a conclusion.  They do in fact have the ability to influence things that we don't even know about, and there is merit to advanced astrology.  All planets have spiritual activity, only support their own life (if they support physical life at all), and can't support life from another planet.  So science has to understand this: Earth nourishes us with power that we require to survive as a species, and we cannot live on other planets.  So, we should focus on maintaining our current home, and give up on Mars, or any other world.  Spiritually, we can move beyond this plane and advance to live on other planets as souls, but we can't as bodies do this.  The planet is working to correct its problems, and ultimately, the conclusion to Earth is more interesting than we think.  Also, humans are not to blame for what has come of this world, as it stands.  We are affected by things that have made change, and some of these effects are very dark looking to humanity.  In the future, we will come to understand that true science (that is, the ability to "know" and prove through study, experimentation, and observation) is actually impossible, we will reach its limit as a field of study, and what replaces it is something that comes of a new set of principles of understanding that realize that proving anything is beyond our capabilities.  We can't actually know anything... new sciences will keep replacing old ones until it is understood that true knowledge doesn't actually exist.  Part of our contemporary arrogance comes from the way humans perceive in this age... this changes, as we evolve.

Still refining the channel, as always - I will revisit the planets as a subject in channel again, when I am refined, to see what else I can read.


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