Friday, 17 April 2020

Sister Penance's advice for finer psychological well being (as channeled from the Spirit)...

Thought I would ask the Spirit for advice to give western minds on how to better navigate this world, and achieve finer mental health.  Here are some pieces of advice I received:

- Understand that your brain is not real, and the soul is the only part of you that actually is.  As you come to understand this, know that it is up to the mind to surrender its authority to the soul. Adopt a healthy spiritual practice so as to do so.  This allows you to be guided properly throughout this life.  The ego makes a great servant, but a terrible master.

- Your psychological pain is valid, but you are not your body, and you must distance yourself from the idea that any pathological state cannot be changed.  As you come to learn the lessons of your life's journey, this will lessen the pain you feel throughout lifetimes to come.

- Be patient with your life, it is not necessarily meant to go in the direction you expect it to.  It is meant to be something you learn from.  Listen to what others tell you, but don't overanalyze their words.  What they say to you should be taken at face value as a means to gauge what the Spirit is telling you about your progress as a soul.

- Perceive yourself as a process unfolding, none are aware of what it ultimately amounts to.  Be patient with the results, and know that you are on the right track.  Don't be afraid to come back again and again as a body to get it right.

- Be patient with psychological well being, and realize your brain is generating only a fraction of your consciousness in your current form.  All people are geniuses, but some are more realized than others.  Don't consider yourself inferior to anyone, and know it is up to you to realize your power.

- Don't consider psychology something that will ever be fully understood by mankind, and know that in this age our understanding of it is extremely poor.  Humans, as a species, like to observe the world as a story, and at the moment, they may be reading the wrong book.  Be at peace that we won't ever understand everything, and enjoy the play as it unfolds.

I might add more bits of advice as I channel them, or perhaps do another separate post sometime.  My anxiety has lessened dramatically since I became aware that my body isn't real.  Right now I am trying to ground my mind in Manipura (the navel centre), to feel more still, and have seen some positive results.  I am so bored with western medicine's take on mental health that I have no patience for most advice psychiatrists give... diet and exercise are important of course, but the soul is the only part of us that is actually real, and it is critical that it be cared for appropriately.  Too bad the west doesn't get it yet.


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