Friday, 10 April 2020

Playing online psychic lady during quarantine...

Although I can't continue to train under my psychic teacher right now in his shop due to the COVID-19 quarantine, I have hopped on the Zoom bandwagon and am now doing free readings for friends and family that way, to keep my training going.  I am not charging yet, because I don't feel refined enough as a seer to do so - tips have been welcome, but that's it.  I want to be sure I am delivering a fine product with my readings.

It seems like the readings are getting longer now, some lasting at least 20 minutes for a general rundown of what Spirit wants people to know.  Details are getting more interesting, and according to those I read, I am sounding accurate as far as what they can confirm about what I present.  The problem I had before was I wasn't necessarily a detailed enough reader, and I think I know why: as mentioned earlier, Ajna (the third eye chakra) was interfering with the reading, and had to not be as involved, since my dominant psychic centre for insight is the heart (Anahata).  Also, I realized now my mind needs to be grounded in Manipura (the navel centre) for stabler mental health, and thus better input.  I think I was able to do this with prayer, since within a few days, the readings got richer.  I also did a bit more prayer pipe, and have prayed for a few other things with Akasha.  All experimental stuff until things are tweaked to be just right - I can't be sure of anything until I am a clear channel of Spirit.  It's rather hilarious, some of the things I can read - for fun, I even played Harry Potter Sorting Hat to find the Hogwart's houses for people I know, and even tried it with what my Asylum Squad characters would be.  (If you're curious, Liz Madder is a Gryffindor who becomes more like a Ravenclaw by the end of the series, Henry Chan is a Ravenclaw, though not the brightest one, Cath Schneider is a Slytherin as a persona but deep down more of a Hufflepuff, and Sarah Lockhart is an angry Hufflepuff.)  When asked about myself, it said I almost am all four houses, since I have taken on their qualities in order to survive, but I navigate the world with a very peculiar Ravenclaw as my persona.  I also love a game I made up called "What bothers me about (...)", where I probe the Spirit about what my deepest feelings are about things that irritate me, everything from Lana Del Rey lyrics to why I no longer enjoy playing video games.

My teacher friend's spirit was by again, to check up on me to see how I am coping with quarantine.  I still can't exactly channel anything more than his emotion - he laughed at my antics with tarot cards.  I don't think I am meant to channel spirits the way other channels do, but I can channel what they would want me to know from the Spirit.

Still need to get back to painting that "St. Tommy Wiseau" piece... mostly I have been the resident soothsayer for the apocalypse.  Not only am I coping well with all that is going on from the coronavirus, I am getting quite used to it.  I had to cut back on caffeine because when the sun goes down, anxiety can kick in, and Spirit told me too much caffeine throughout the day was to blame.  Cutting back seems to have worked.

I hope all you sinners are coping well with the madness upon us!


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