Monday, 13 April 2020

A possibility for this blog...

I am strongly considering videos of myself channeling the Spirit on various subject matter, once I feel consistent enough with my channel as far as quality goes, and get past some mild feelings of being camera shy that, in the past, have made me awkward in video recordings.  Now that the demon field is gone, there's a time of recovery ahead, so moving beyond that, once all is grounded and stable, I may dress as Sister Penance and do some little clips from my computer camera using my methods of interpretation of the Spirit.  Nothing special - I am not savvy with editing or film, but the messages might be worth listening to once I get to a certain place.  (The latex habit may be a pain to get into all the time, so expect more cloth habit videos instead - latex maintenance is a bitch, and I can't exactly run to Northbound Leather right now to buy more latex polish, if I run out, with COVID-19 lockdown upon us.)

Not sure how many videos I will make, just that they are likely to be on various topics that the Spirit can comment on.  I just want to see where I could take this, if this becomes a regular thing.  I'm not one who is into self promotion, so these are probably not going on YouTube, unless I have to get them up there for some reason to link them to this blog.  I don't expect much reaction from these, except that sometimes the wording in channel is better than I can remember to articulate it in my articles, and the information is improving with time.

My St. Jude medal went missing - I thought I dropped it on the street, but found it later after prayers to St. Anthony.  Glad I did - that medal has special meaning because the day I bought it was the day I opened to Jesus through St. Jude.  It would have been sad if it had disappeared.  Thank you, St. Anthony!  <3


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