Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Tarot lap table...

I began to use an old piece of plywood as a lap table on a pillow when doing readings on my couch.  I wanted to decorate it to look nicer than it was, so I painted it and now it has this golden sun on it.  Just a little art project to try and get back into the swing of making things again.

I decided my business card logo was just too scary with the creepy eye over the heart, so I borrowed this sun and pasted it over the old design.  Witches and occultists might have liked the eye heart, but any suburbanite named Karen may have wanted to flee in terror at the sight of it, so I figured something more conventional and friendly than the first design was better.  It looked like, with the first design, I might have been all about omens of death, once I thought about it a bit more.  People aren't usually as odd as I am about design.  (Also - although I am a decent enough illustrator, I know nothing about graphic design, so everything I come up with is a shot in the dark.)

Went thrifting today to see what kinds of Catholic oddness I could come across.  Not much was found on this hunt - I did find an oval shaped piece of the Holy Family, surrounded by seashells, which was tacky enough, but it was almost too much to know what else to do with it, so I didn't get it.  I feel like if I can't figure out within 10 minutes what to do with something, I might never, and so my hunch was to return the piece to the shelves.

My current suspicion is that my third eye, which is clearly open, perhaps never should have been opened, and so now I am focusing my efforts on closing it.  It is my heart centre (also open), not my third eye, which allows me to experience true psychic perception.  Third eye opening is only meant for some people, it seems.  The demon must have opened mine up, not Divinity, so it created a lunacy in me from it, one I need to recover from.  I am hoping a closing of the third eye will mean a quieter mind, less tension headaches, and less anxiety.  At least I feel heart dominant right now - when I was third eye dominant years ago, it was horrible.


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