Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Playing around with a business card design...

I thought I would screw around with a business card design for when I make the leap to doing the psychic lady thing.  I came up with the idea of having a flaming heart with an eye over it, because when I read, my heart centre is the dominant chakra, so this logo is an indicator of that.  The starry background suggests a psychic vibe, too.  I am not sure if the heart will scare people, but I wanted something mystical and unusual looking.  I drew the heart with water soluble wax pastels and played with it in Photoshop until it looked right.  My stage name and email are not displayed here, as I am not in business right now.  I have friends in printing (the same who print the comics) - they are going to print these cards for me.  I left the font choice up to them, because they have better fonts than I do, and a better eye for font selection.  My mentor thinks I am doing well as a reader, and I have been back again in his shop to do readings.  Response has been favourable - people I read for have confirmed that I have read known details accurately.

I might table at WITCHfest 2020 this year - I am sure I will have more confidence by then as a reader.  Maybe I'll even sell some art... I should move some stuff, if I can.  I'm incrementally getting more into art again, doing little things here and there.

Oh - and I drop the comic files off at the printers tomorrow, with a down payment.  The book launch will likely happen mid spring, if all goes well.  <3


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