Tuesday, 24 March 2020

On COVID-19 and the new graphic novel...

New look for Sister Penance?

Well, things are getting tight in the city, including the fact that my printer pals have gone on a work hiatus due to the virus scare.  So the comic is going to be delayed (again) before printing... and I am not sure when the book launch will be happening.  I just wanted to make this update, because I had said that it was at the printers, getting prepped... but then 2020 had to pull a dick move and put us all in this situation.  One day, though, that book will be out there for purchase - sorry I delayed it for so long, and then got it in while this was starting up!

I was laid off temporarily from work due to COVID-19, but promised my job back when this blows over.  I receive benefits so at least my basic needs will be met, and I might even get additional compensation because of the relief funds coming.  I am still not letting myself worry, am just living a more cautious, enclosed life, only heading outdoors when I need it.  I must admit, I like a brief stroll when I can get it, for mental health hygiene, but I do so while respecting social distancing, and so far the government hasn't said that's something I should be avoiding.  I already live like a hermit - I am an ambivert, but leaning more towards introversion.  I hope we don't get to a point where I can't do walks anymore, as it makes things more tolerable for me.  Hopefully Canadians who are not respecting social distancing will behave themselves so that others who are can still have rights like this.  I am sure I could find the strength not to go out for walks, but it would still be hard.  Solitary confinement sucks, I have lived it before, and although it would be in my home, cabin fever could set in anyway.

I thought I could concentrate on things other than contemplation again, but I guess my days of doing so are not yet over.  I will continue to explore the soul as this goes on, doing psychic readings, praying the rosary, reciting psalms to get through the pandemic.  It's been a while since I have visited a church, I miss doing that as well.  I haven't cracked yet... the Spirit reassures that I will be able to handle what unfolds.


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