Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Fun with COVID-19: Riding out the pandemic... in style!

I had bought this old cybergoth respirator mask very many years ago from a local goth subculture shop.  I can't recall how much I paid for it, but it was an impulse buy, and the mask was later put away in storage, as I began to shy away from the whole rivethead look with time.  But now, due to COVID-19, I'm rather glad I bought the damn thing, because it means I can go out and about and run my errands while feeling like Tank Girl.  (It needed a repair when I dug it out, but that was nothing a trip to Canadian Tire couldn't fix - I just needed a nut and bolt to reattach one of the straps to the mask.)

People seeing me wear it already want one, and have asked where I bought it, including a girl with a compromised immune system who is very worried about this pandemic.  I am not sure what is happening with the mail system right now, but I wonder if cybergoth is going to make a mild comeback, if people are ordering masks like these, because they are a lot more interesting to look at than wimpy dust or surgical masks.  (BTW, that's a functioning respirator with real cartridges - there's decoration over the filters, which might make breathing slightly more challenging, but the filter is functional, so it's real protection.  People wondered how functional it was - it's real, it just looks like pure novelty.)

As bizarre as this sounds, part of me is very hopeful about this COVID-19 thing.  I feel in my gut that, despite the deaths, this might be exactly what Mother Nature wants... it may even force current systems that are in place to re-examine themselves.  I'm not one who is politically up on everything going on in the world, but in my gut, I am not afraid, I am not the least bit worried.  I am looking out for my needs, being cautious, and staying on top of everything.  Work hours have been cut, but I think things won't get that bad for me.  People in my circles are looking out for one another with supplies, which is a nice demonstration of the heart.  In the mildest of ways, this is like a lame, enforced version of Burning Man, just in that I see people looking out for one another's needs, and this is a bit of a break from the standard day to day reality.

I think one of my next articles will be a re-examination of the classic horror movie, "The Exorcist", which I haven't seen since before demonic possession.  Coming out of the experience, I want to watch this movie again, and write about how I feel about it now.  I have it on DVD, purchased second hand from BMV... I didn't watch it immediately after I bought it, because it is rather hard to watch on a bad day.


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