Saturday, 21 March 2020

COVID-19: An inconvenient blessing?

This song is stuck in my head now.

Ok, so things are really starting to get intense with COVID-19, and I am certainly not being flippant about it.  I take precautions with regular hand washing, using sanitizer, a respirator when I step outside (which is up to twice a day, never more than 3 times, never for long, and never for socializing), and latex gloves.  I am obeying instructions about social distancing, and am mostly at home, in my one bedroom.  Thank God, I say to myself, I have a one bedroom, and not a shitty little space in a rooming house anymore!  That would be horrible, especially if I had ongoing pest control problems, or issues like that.  This place is relatively nice, and even though it's small, I can at least go from the living room to the bedroom when I need a change of environment.  A bachelor or single room would get to me with this in effect, even though I have mastered some degree of stillness, and can handle hours of doing absolutely nothing when I do my job at work.

Yet, despite this difficult new normal, I still feel, deep down, COVID-19 is what this world needs right now.  Some stories of animals roaming free as humans hunker down have been discredited, but not all have, and nature seems a bit more relaxed with this going on in the human world - I mean, it must be.  Mother Nature is using tough love measures to dismantle everything that was taking advantage of Her.  Though many currently live in fear and anxiety, I find that a lot of the more spiritually minded people I know are seeing a silver lining in all of this - certainly, some Indigenous elders seem to be chill about it.  Any anxiety I do feel tends to be before bed, a time when anxiety can bother me anyway, and it's all in the head - the head being the region of consciousness that often feeds us lies and worries.  Other parts of me almost feel excited about what might eventually come of the world.

I'm sure some would think I am nuts for feeling that way, and, as I said before, I do not wish to belittle the lives of the poor people who have died from this.  But perhaps these were necessary measures to usher in a new era - to bring natural order from the resulting chaos.  We certainly couldn't continue in the direction we were headed in... our planet has suffered immensely.  So, if capitalism wouldn't listen to Greta, maybe COVID-19 was the answer.  Also, on some metaphysical level, this must be karma shifting and correcting things, this is how the Spirit is presenting to us, so this is a time of hope for me, when I consider everything.  The light shining in the darkness is an outpouring of love and humanity.

I see COVID-19 as a massive social inconvenience, but perhaps a good lesson in getting in touch with our true selves, and I will do my best to weather the storm.  I am a soul accustomed to suffering and tragedy... one year locked away in a mental institution taught me about tolerating quarantine, so at least now I can experience this in my own home.  I joked recently that if things lead to strict lockdown, I may begin to identify as a "cloistered nun".  I am making light of the situation by owning it with style and humour.

I got some painting done again today - I finally began working on my "St. Tommy Wiseau" piece, which might be done in the next few days.  When it is, I will post the final painting.  Who knows, maybe quarantine will be the push I needed to really get back into art!


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