Thursday, 5 March 2020

Comic update: At the printers!

I dropped everything off at my printers yesterday on a flash drive, along with a financial deposit to get the ball rolling.  My printing friends are aiming to get the book in my hands by May 29th - I won't be doing Anime North this year, I am just too tired... but the book launch will happen.  It will be sometime early in June if I can swing it, and the venue will likely be Disgraceland, since I had already talked to the owner and he agreed to help me out.  More details to come as progress is made - I will make a flyer for the launch sometime as well.

Psychic readings continue to improve - I hung out with my teacher the psychic man after the printer delivery yesterday, and read a woman, who said that everything I touched on was relating to things she was struggling with.  Later, at karaoke, I randomly read a man who swore by me.  So that's progress.

I can't recall how much I mentioned before, but I think the field is fading now.  I had to work more with Jesus, who is clearing it out, and also with the Holy Spirit.  I have to admit I was stumped on how to work with Jesus because there were a few pieces of the puzzle I had to figure out with Him - I had to confirm, utter prayers in relation to growing closer with Him, embarking on a Christian path, then things began to move ahead.  Sometimes I would get so frustrated I would reach out to other gods because despite the fact I knew He was a presence in my life, I didn't get why things weren't moving forward very much for the longest time.  This is a major corner I am turning, and one piece of evidence is how strong my readings are getting.  Surely, if I was seriously spiritually unwell, that wouldn't be possible?

I do fear neurological sensitivity, or some odd kind of brain damage from this a bit, still.  There's just something about me in some way that's weaker than I feel it should be.  Slight auditory hallucinations that happen randomly (not voices, but noises, like a twig breaking, or glass shattering, or something like that), a propensity to break down and cry from weariness, a lethargy that comes over me, tension headaches I can't get rid of that happen sometimes daily... I just don't feel right.  I wish they'd give me a PETscan to see what's going on in there, but psychiatry doesn't use those for diagnosis, only research.  I feel sensitive and sometimes quite vulnerable.  Lately, it's been hard to stay out too late without getting tired - surely this isn't just growing older... I'm only 37!

The demon did take its toll on my body, I am more lined than I used to be, I have greys coming in, I feel I have aged from this in some ways, though people still tell me I look good.  I am happy to finally be at the finish line of my torment, and to have Divinity guiding me by the hand.


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