Sunday, 15 March 2020

A freaky incident with a Jesus prayer candle...

Yikes, sinners - I think God is sending me a very clear sign not to be dabbling in any kind of "spellcraft", and it's powerful!  This made my hair stand on end!

A delightful goth boy who loves all things witchy reached out to people on Facebook and asked that we do what we can spiritually with prayer, magick, and intention to curb the current pandemic.  Seeing as I had a free day, I was in the market and saw inexpensive Jesus prayer candles.  So I bought one and brought it home to do a Christian folk magick spell with it against the worsening of COVID-19, as an experiment.

I set intentions with it through prayer, lit the candle, and as I was reciting a psalm, the flame sizzled out in a spark before I could get that far into the recitation.  I found the wick to be impossible to ignite again, and on the last attempt to do so, a large crack formed in the glass of the prayer candle - a powerful sign that God doesn't want me to engage in this.  I guess any "witchy" experimentation phase I had is now over - the Lord hath spoken.

When I did a psychic reading on it, I got that Jesus says I am simply not to engage in this kind of thing anymore - I am just to pray when I want to enact change, this is not to be a part of my spirituality.  It's not that God was ticked or anything like that, it's simply something I am not to do.  I take signs like this very seriously, after what I have been through.

I will likely still light prayer candles in churches, but no more folk magick.  So, I guess I am a mystic after all, it seems, not a magician.  Either that, or COVID-19 is something I should just not bother combating with things like this, and God is showing me this with a very powerful sign.


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