Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Why God is such an "asshole": My theory...

I was reading up on St. Margaret Mary Alacoque yesterday, because I wanted to research more on saints who were devoted to the Sacred Heart.  I was rather shocked at how harsh God was with her, it seems He wanted her to suffer, which she was perfectly willing to do for Him.  Her life seemed to already be full of suffering, so it seemed rather unfair, and so she's another case of a saint who had very strange mystical encounters with the Divine.  So why is this?  And why is God often acting as such an oppressive asshole?  I have a theory, sinners, if you care to hear me out.

I have discussed the corruption in Spirit on here before, what the Christians call "Satan", what Hindus might call "Kali" (not Goddess Kali, but the demon of Kali Yuga), and all that comes of the evil in the Spirit.  I think these evil sources are a mystery to everyone, so again, these observations come from my own experiences, from channeling and lived experience with sinister forces.  The Lurianic Kabbalists would probably suggest that it was a flaw in the creation of the universe that led to the Sephirot shattering, generating a byproduct in the Spirit that led to the creation of evil itself.  Devils would have been born out of this corruption in creation.

My theory is that Satan, or whatever you want to call this evil, acts in a sense as a kind of strange effect or filter in the Spirit, that makes it nearly impossible for humanity to accurately understand the true will of God, at least not consistently with every mystic that ever was.  Some saints report great beauty and love from God, others seem almost tormented by Him.  St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, I also read, was harassed by the devil, so perhaps Satan influenced how God presented to her during her encounters with Divinity.  Satan influenced the tone, in this case.

Perhaps the devil wants to play with the way humanity relates to God, and in turn this has shaped the way religion views, depicts, and understands Divinity.  So the Catholics see God as a stern taskmaster who wants strange things for His people, but I suspect there's something odd about that understanding, and likely God is indeed all-loving and evil does something strange with the tone, influencing it, the same way evil influences everything on this planet.  Humanity's fall from nature is another example of how the planet is in some ways working against itself because of corruption - humans are easily influenced by hidden forces, being highly spiritually sensitive creatures, so any corruption might easily affect societies, and therefore of course religion as well.  The result is a lot of miserable Catholics, for example, wondering what the fuck God wants from them.  It's not God, it's evil corrupting humanity's connection and relationship to God, and it was always there in some way, but perhaps in modern times it has gone in a strange direction.

I see hope on the horizon when I hear of things like fungus discovered that grows inside the walls of the reactor of Chernobyl, fungus that seems able to "eat" radiation.  Also, I seem to recall hearing of enzymes discovered that can consume plastics.  Nature is attempting to correct itself, I see things like this as the Hand of God - in this case, the Sacred Feminine, the Great Mother.  Satan has influenced the way humanity relates to nature, but I don't see nature tolerating this forever, and I get the sense She will purge us of this when it can be done.  I am not as "Mea Culpa" about humanity and its effect on nature as some, I see us more as silly than evil, but this is because of hidden influences on us, as well as other effects on the natural world.  There is a bit more hope in me for the fate of this planet than some... call me a fool, but I just don't buy that Mother Nature is going to tolerate Her end without a good fight.

God, when I knew it was Him, was always gentle with me, but there has been great confusion in my channeling.


UPDATE: Forgot to add the obvious - God sometimes plays strange roles with humanity to urge them in the right direction, in the ways that would incite a person to listen.  So there's that reason too.  Also, religion often plays up an angry God as a means of controlling its followers, but everyone knows that.

SECOND UPDATE: Also - kundalini complications, or strange stages of the process, can make people misinterpret God's presentation.  This is something else I should have mentioned.

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