Monday, 24 February 2020

Psychic world stuff...

I had an opportunity yesterday to train as a newbie psychic under my mentor by offering free readings at his personal parlour.  What happened is that the second last time I was there, I gave him a reading and he was impressed enough to tell me I was ready to try in the training grounds under him.  So, from 1-8 pm, I hung out at his place of business and when people came in and were willing for me to read them for free, I took them on.  If they wanted him, they had to pay, him being a master and professional.

The first reading was slightly wonky, as the person being read was not the finest English speaker, so I tried to pace the channel, which in the end caused information to be broken up and thus come through rather oddly.  Either I will be able to adjust this with prayer work, or I am still learning what my limits are.  But the rest of the readings seemed to result in satisfied "customers" - I got a tip from one of them, and another was extremely impressed.  Friends came by to get read, and all in all it was a good day.

One thing that my mentor is cautioning me about the psychic world is that so many like to cut each other in half, badmouth each other, or even cast spells and hexes against each other, to stop them from being outperformed.  It sounds like less refined readers do this against the good ones, and that good ones are confident enough not to go in this direction.  I wondered about how psychics are with each other - it kind of made me laugh and think of the catty backstabbing in movies like "Showgirls", or perhaps this is even a Christopher Guest mockumentary waiting to be made.  It was also shocking but perhaps not surprising.  I find in the world of indie comics, cartoonists support one another, propping each other up and buying each other's work, so it's sad to hear that this is not so in the psychic business.  I will be sure to keep my nose clean, and to not generate gossip.

One other thing - I guess I am a Christian after all.  Recently, I was attending a Catholic mass and prayed under my breath to be "confirmed".  Once that had happened, I later found that my readings lit up like Christmas tree, and have been strong ever since, according to others I have read.  I am working closer with Jesus now.  I am not going to be conservative about it, but this seems to be the path that suits the needs of my soul the best, and there are plenty of cool Christians out there, I have met several of them.  It's just a lot of mainstream stuff that rubs me the wrong way, as of course it does many.


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