Monday, 3 February 2020

Playing with personae...

Time to get past this recent hospitalization and poop out more psychospiritual articles like the Randy Newman of spirituality blogging that I have become - here's one on the idea of wearing personae:

Persona is something that I have changed a great deal throughout my life, and I have several that I wear on and off at this point.  We all do, really, and often a person's main personae can change overtime.  Certainly, I have an authoritarian persona at work that is slightly more masculine (because of the kind of job I do).  With friends, my persona can change slightly depending on whom I am with.  I can't recall for the life of me which Myers Briggs personality type it said that I have, but it's one of the more outgoing ones, and I remember it saying that I have a chameleon-esque way of relating to others, and that I have the same personality type as Barack Obama.  I'm not that obsessed with the Myers Briggs thing the way some people are, I don't care that I am a more common type, not an INFJ or whatever.  Certainly, I will often shapeshift as a persona to adapt to whomever I am with, to keep the conversation interesting and comfortable.  That seems intrinsic to my character, no matter what persona I am working with at a time.

Sister Penance is kind of an adorkable nerd girl sexpot persona that I play with for this blog as a clown to simultaneously make fun of religious conservatism and fetish nuns, but also to explore my spirituality in a way that is self aware so that when I inevitably backtrack again and again on some of my understandings of self and my experiences, it's at least a good laugh the reminisce over, and thus less embarrassing.  She is not a bedroom persona - I've stated many times on here that I find sex stupid as hell (I'm Ace) so she's not that at all, it's more like a jester kind of role.  The Saraƒin on the last blog concentrated more on Mad activism, so there was a different tone to my persona with that time than there is now.

Clothing can really bring out a persona in me, depending on what I am wearing.  Half the time I dress like a witchy goth matriarch, and when that happens I present as a more dame-like character.  When I dress more like Rainbow Brite (because I do have days like that) I will behave more cutesy.  And of course, I have to wear a specific persona when talking to certain members of my family, depending on who they are.

Persona was a concept I played with a bit in "Asylum Squad" with the pseudo-Jungian Ajna Project, where the characters designed "Hero Personae" to wear in their sleep when battling their inner demons.  Some said this reminded them a bit of the "Shin Megami Tensei" games, and I guess there are some similarities between my comic and "Persona 3", especially.  Thinking back to some of the personae I played with as a younger woman and the ones I work with now - wow.  Night and day.  I am not the same person at all anymore, in so many ways.

I should pick my analyst's brain more about the concept of persona - we have discussed shadow to death, but not this area of Jungian psychology.  Then perhaps I can present more interesting ideas on here.


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