Thursday, 6 February 2020

I bought some CBD after all...

I got a strong sense, both from research, former words from my psychiatrist, and yes - also some psychic channeling, that CBD was worth trying.  I still have some time off before returning to work next week, and there's a local (legal) dispensary near me, so I headed there and bought a bag of a high CBD, low THC marijuana, the strongest of the CBD strains with the lowest THC count that they had.  If anything was going to be safe on my mind, it was this.  It's called "Pure Sun CBD".

Though the woman there advised me to smoke it to release the CBD, I had heard a tea works too (as long as you also chew on the buds), and as a former smoker, if I can avoid smoking anything, I am going to do so.  I am even wary of vaping, so tea it was.  I boiled some water with the pot in it, just enough for a joint, and let it steep for a while.  Then I poured the tea and sipped away.

The result was a warm calm that crept over me, like a cozy blanket.  It felt like a high, sort of like what I remember, but without any weird mental reactions or stoner shit.  Also, emotionally I began to feel better than I have been feeling as of late, and it was soothing to the mind, unlike my last experience with marijuana.  This seems to be exactly what I needed.

I have quite a bit for several more pots of pot tea, and I get the impression that CBD can have profoundly healing effects, not just on the body or mind but also on the soul.  I wanted the buds, not the oil, because I get the sense pranically it would be stronger in plant form, and I want to use it as a spiritual medicine.  I am mentioning this use right now to catalogue any healing effects I might get from using CBD marijuana, so I can look back on changes as progress is made, should this be successful.

I was wary of trying any pot at all anymore, but I guess this really is safe for the mind.


UPDATE: I later tried smoking some, and yes - I can definitely handle this!  My mind even feels soothed by it, not bombarded, like it does with THC.  I get a euphoric feeling that feels more emotional than like some weird pot trip, and there's a sense of relaxation, but my mind doesn't go wonky.  Hopefully I can benefit psychologically and spiritually from the medicine of CBD.  Also, I am prone to tension headaches, so this could help with those as well.  Might invest in a vape device, or might just stick with the tea.

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