Saturday, 1 February 2020

Hospital discharge + some stuff about the Psalms...

I was discharged from the hospital yesterday.  I had posted a weird post that I later deleted about a scary premonition, but I now think it was just nonsense toying with me that led to me believing in that.  I think back to the writings of St. Teresa of Avila and her discussion of "reptiles" in "The Interior Castle" and I suspect I am dealing somewhat with the Spirit of Evil: that underlying evil presence in Spirit, and it's a matter of just clearing it completely from my life.  The entity is gone, that was a more intense, direct kind of evil, but this is just a strange presence that complicates things for me.  I think demons and evil are complex and humanity does not fully understand them at all, and this is something that haunts my life and causes me to have to check in to hospital from time to time, because of its effect on the mind.  Meds never remove this problem at any dose, but can make its impact on my thinking slightly better.  So be it tired neurology or the negative metaphysical, I felt I needed a brief stay, because I was getting worried and sleep was bad.  Nothing terrible happened, though.

I am experimenting with the Psalms as invocations with prayer to see if they will amplify my results.  A lot of Christian magicians and witches swear by them, and see the Psalms section of the Bible as a kind of incantation spellbook that can work for many things.  I had considered them before, but was unsure as to how to work with them.  So lately, I pray to Christ and then recite the specific Psalm and the intention for its use, and wait to behold any changes.  I had been doing a lot of this with a pocket Gideon bible during the last two days of my brief hospital stay.  I got some strong reactions, so maybe this could lead to a spiritual breakthrough.  Mainly, I was focusing on "deliverance" from my personal "reptiles".

My problems are more of an irritation now than any kind of subjugation.  They may cause me to muse about bizarre things on here, but hopefully their effect on my life will fade more with time, and then I will have more coherent, clear ideas and articles to present.  Again, this blog is presented with farce because of the idiosyncratic nature of what I have been through, so I hope at least some delight can be taken in its presentation, if the content seems flat out bizarre.


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