Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Cover colours...

Behold - I finally coloured the cover!  Prepping for printing at the studio should be just around the corner!

Creativity is slowly creeping back into my life - I am designing a business card right now as well.  The only things left to do for preparation involve one more scan of a recently inked page that is a recap section, and perhaps a bit more work on bonus content, then it's off to get put together at the printers.  I will have to pay them incrementally, since my recent hospitalization meant work hours were reduced temporarily, so I fell back a bit financially, and have to save up again.  My printers are friends, so they let me pay in stages sometimes.  I expect a spring release, and have already found a likely venue.

Please keep reading on here to find out about the launch, if you are in the Toronto area, and of course for info on shops in the area that will carry this book.


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