Tuesday, 21 January 2020

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"Passions" intro: Because my life is a trashy soap opera!

I've tidied my apartment, paid the monthly bills like a good Taurus on top of her finances, and have prepped myself for the possibility of a hospitalization coming.  I keep getting that there's something just around the corner, and it might have to do with me experiencing Christ's passion in a psychic sense.  No idea if this is going to prove to be true, or if I am just going to look foolish on here making this post, but I've had some weird signs.  For one, I kept seeing CAMH reps everywhere doing the marketing thing, and though I have had a good time telling them off for trying to get money out of me after CAMH did a bunch of shit to me in the past, it's grown worrisome.  Even stronger was when I glanced at a random license plate and the first four characters were "CAMH"!  So, I am just preparing myself in case anything happens.

I will say that there's this underlying sense that "something" is coming, though as a mind I cannot know what... I can only channel to try and see how accurate the information proves to be.  I'm not going to share all the details of what the channel has to say, but if a good story comes of this, you'll hear about it, sinners.

Went to the cathedral for mass and the rosary, and felt moved.  Something is happening, be it subtle or grandiose.  My finger keeps drawing the cross, and my channel reassures me.  There is still something rather dark in me it seems, but it is more of a burden than a torment, it's so mild compared to what it was, it doesn't even feel truly dark per se... rather, it's just a mild discomfort in my soul.  It creates confusion in channel, thus leading me to backtrack time and time again on my insights, for they jump about because of this.  I am also lead to believe this burden is lifting soon.  My hand drew a dagger, then twisted it, as if to suggest a killing blow, so perhaps that time is upon me.

More to come, sinners - be I on the inside or out.


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