Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Progress with the Goddess...

The Goddess was something I had opened to in the past year with working through the Virgin Mary, leading me to conclude that, more than a regular saint, the Holy Virgin is an avatar of the Sacred Feminine - something the church wouldn't want its followers to believe.  I have seen very powerful transformations with the Virgin Mary and I am convinced it is because of Her ties to this sacred power.  Perhaps it's that church's love for the Virgin Mary, and thus their loose ties to the Goddess through Her, that made me crave Catholicism for the longest time, since Protestants don't really care as much to adore Her, beyond Her being the mother of Jesus.  The Orthodox church loves Her immensely as well, but it's less accessible a denomination than Catholicism because it is often in a language I don't speak, so Catholicism was the draw.

But what I only figured out yesterday, during a New Year's Eve work shift, is that my connection to the Goddess could have been stronger than it was.  The spiral was a drawing I kept receiving through channel, over and over again, which I attributed to the Goddess, since it is a common association, and it kept going and going even after further spiritual work.  But I guess I had to be more specific with my invocation of Her, because this symbol kept appearing as if to suggest a reminder, so last night I asked the Virgin Mary to specifically invoke the powers affiliated with the Spiral Goddess of the Divine Feminine, as opposed to just asking to invoke the Goddess, period.

Within an hour, my spirit writings increased in dialogue and quality, and a sense that a major shift was coming came over me.  From what I gather, this specific power was essential to my development, and though I took shortcuts in some ways with other sources, this divinity is one that was paramount to my particular path, so I had to figure this out.  Now, it seems another power evolves in me.  It's interesting that for a couple of years, I kept channeling verbally "We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year", since something changed on Christmas Day, and now this on New Year's Eve 2020.  (Sometimes a clue comes through with a quote from a song, or something like that, as a premonition - I had first heard this one in 2017, but it wasn't until the month of December 2019 that this radical change would occur.)

Still new, I have to see what She opens up in me now.  I should also do more research on Her and Her power.  I have a book by Starhawk called "The Spiral Dance" which I should consider looking at again, maybe there's some good advice in that book.  Once again, I guess I can't call myself Christian anymore... I am forging my own path based on practices from various things.  My religious phase helped me for a while, now I distance myself and figure things out without it, but I will still keep in mind what worked from the practices of it.

I know I must seem all over the map sometimes, but that's the way it can be for certain seekers.  I am self aware of how I have a tendency to quickly change my mind when something else presents.  I know ideas will change in me time and time again, and that's fine.  I don't claim to be anyone's authority, I am a student of the Spirit.


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