Wednesday, 29 January 2020

"Our Lady of Guadalupe" painting...

My first painting in eons - don't judge!

I got a piece of art started in art therapy the other day, then touched it up on my own just now.  This is kind of a folk Catholic, Mexican style piece in acrylics, namely in the primary colours.  I like doing psychedelic lines in my art so Our Lady of Guadalupe, with Her flaming aura, was bound to be an icon I'd tackle one day.  It felt therapeutic to paint again.  (BTW, She's crying here as my life right now leaves something to be desired.)

I might be discharged tomorrow, not sure yet.  They had to raise my meds to 60 mg again... I guess I'll be at this level for a while.  Because of the psychological torture in my brain from the entity for so long, it took its toll on my neurology, I suppose, and I just can't go as low as 40 mg right now.  Kind of a bummer.  Again, this was not a psychotic break, just a time of odd psychic input, and a rest that I desperately needed.  My mind is prone to anxiety and tears because of how funny my neurology can be, so I needed to get away from the outside world, too.  No voice hearing or anything - I don't think even psychiatry can consider it a kind of "schizophrenia" anymore.  They are certainly not using that language now.  What a relief.

More to come upon my discharge.


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