Thursday, 2 January 2020

New year, new Pet Shop Boys album...

Kind of a silly post, but I am a Pethead and I want to mention this anyway:

There is a new Pet Shop Boys album coming out later this month - "Hotspot".  Though the album title sounds like my childhood pet Siberian Husky's skin condition ("hot spots"), two of the tracks I have heard have been really good bangers, and I think there's gonna be a strong 70s disco vibe to this one.  ("Super", their last effort, which came out in 2016, was more 90s sounding, and is my second favourite Pet Shop Boys album, after "Very", which came out in 1993.)

"Dreamland" was the original single from "Hotspot", and has a decidedly catchy vibe, but my favourite so far is "Monkey Business", which came out today.  Here it is:

"Monkey Business" - Pet Shop Boys

"Burning The Heather" is the other track recently released - a bit of a dull ballad for me, I miss the days of the "Behaviour" era for Pet Shop Boys ballads, and they will never top "Being Boring".  At this point I want them to stick with bouncy club music, which they still do so well, but that's just me - or perhaps do something else as epic and symphonic as the "Battleship Potemkin" soundtrack, which I sometimes like to listen to even more than "Very".  The Pets sometimes get unfairly written off as two aging has-been pop queens, but they have actually contributed some fantastic music and influences to pop in general, and are both highly intelligent men.  Many don't get their irony or their style of camp, which is a high brow kind of camp that is flippant but also clever.  Late to the pop world, starting their careers well into their 30s, one was an architect, and the other was a magazine editor and worked for Marvel Comics Britain before they met randomly in an electronics shop and became pop musicians.  I think they don't have as much success in the US as they once did because of how profoundly gay they are - this is not so much a conflict now with LGBTQ+ being more socially accepted these days, but being both old and gay slots one into a niche that doesn't seem to fit with what Americans want in the Top 40.  Elsewhere in the world, however, they are still topping charts.

I hope this album satisfies my ears as much as "Super" did - I will definitely be buying it the day it comes out!


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