Saturday, 11 January 2020

How to be psychic when you're not psychic...

I just wanted to make a quick post as a common suggestion I give to non-psychics on how to attune their intuitions.  It's good advice I have heard many times before, and have found relevant to myself even now, so I'll create an article about it:

The expression "go with your gut" is a common one, and for good reason - it's sound advice.  Have you ever felt a sharp pain in your solar plexus area, or a sense of something strong, as a reaction to an event?  That's an area of consciousness in you reacting strongly to something, urging you, or warning you, so you can know to proceed properly.  While the egoic monkey mind can trick and confuse, the gut doesn't lie.  It may not be clear to a beginner what your gut is trying to say, but pay attention when you feel it.  That is your soul speaking to you.

If your gut is "screaming" at you with a sensation, it might be miffed with your deeds or actions, or urging you to take action.  If you are drawn to something in a powerful way, then you are being called to follow the will of your soul, and you should not ignore it.  For example, when I randomly met the man who has become a psychic mentor, my gut made me strongly fascinated by him, and urged me to contact him when I could - that was not the egoic mind deciding this because he seemed cool, the gut was commanding it.  When being warned of danger or trouble, my gut reacts with a strange stabbing feeling, urging me to back away.

(The trouble with having a demon in me was that I could no longer interpret the gut as well, and made stupid decisions, not being able to "hear" the will of the soul, because of the demon's abilities to manipulate me on many levels of consciousness.  But fortunately, most of us won't have to face what I did.)

Focusing on the navel centre in your mind is a good way to start when you are trying to concentrate on this area of the psyche - don't be afraid to navel gaze.  What do you feel?  How do you react to things?  Try to ignore the thoughts that enter your mind if you are a beginner psychic, and pay more attention to sense in other ways.  The Ajna (third eye) is a tricky chakra until it's grounded and strong, and can make people a little strange for a while, but the gut, provided it's healthy, won't steer you wrong.  (It is my understanding that there is even a kind of second brain in the stomach, which is why the gut is so important to listen to - this is another centre of perception we Westerners don't consider when making a move.)

Some good prayers I uttered to Metatron came out of reading the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads and considering the Ego vs the Self.  A book on Kabbalah suggested that the Ego "makes a good servant but a terrible master", so I prayed to Metatron that my Ego serve my Self, and that seemed to help unlock something with my ability to interpret what the soul truly desires.  Now, I know not to stir the pot too much in life if things are in check, even if my lifestyle is a bit bland and simple by capitalist standpoints. 

A simple life is what I need right now to achieve the kind of mind I seek - too much of a good thing means too many cooks spoil the broth, which is why I don't want to change much about my life's structure immediately.  My gut says I am doing ok.


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