Monday, 30 December 2019

Simple candle spell: My go to spellcraft technique...

I figured that, based on what I am learning about how my particular methods of magick work, all I really need is to set the intention with the right prayers, using tobacco, and the right sources, and then I use a consecrated item to conduct the spell.  So, the go to has been the simple candle spell: a universal technique for many practitioners.  Here's how I go about one of these, based on what I have figured out:

Firstly, I choose a coloured candle that properly represents the intention.  For health, I might choose green, for psychic or magickal power, I might choose violet, to name some examples.  Then, using a tool, I carve into the candle the intention of the spell, and use tobacco offering to the source I pray to for consecration of the item.  Then, I simply rub some consecrated oils that work with the intention onto the candle, light it, and cast the intention verbally.  I include the intention that this spell may continue, on and off, when I need to leave my dwelling, so that I can blow the candle out and continue the process later.  With the intention set in Spirit, I see no reason why a candle must burn to the end in one sitting, and I don't want to risk an apartment fire to find out.  I work with Divinity for these spells, not lower spirits or demons, which I'm sure could stir up crap I don't need - if Divinity agrees through channel that a spell will work, I consider it something I should try.

I worry a tad about backlash, so I have prayed to be immune to any I can be immune to, and every so often I pray with tobacco to remove any backlash that may have come my way.  The demon gave me excruciating backlash, so I never want to repeat that fiasco again.  Divinity wouldn't likely want to do that to me, but I worry about flaws, although I am still trying to make sense of the mechanism of spellcraft.  Will is certainly a factor in execution, as many occultists have suggested, but Spirit, in my case, is what really pulls the strings.  Will is only part of what will initiate change.

This is an experimental time for me, having just picked up magickal practice again, after years of only focusing on mysticism.  I'm sure better techniques will come to mind and come into my practice as I discover them, and make sense of how to increase the power of a spell.  I don't tend to follow moon cycles or calendar dates or anything like that - I suppose that could help, but my gut suggests I just do it whenever I sense I should, and things will come of it if they're meant to.  I might change my mind about this in time, but for now, I will continue to experiment.  I just cast a spell to help a relative with their health, and asked that they get back to me in the months to come if any change comes of it.  I'm also casting one on myself to strengthen my body, to be healthier throughout life, if possible.  Channel advises me to experiment and see what works.

I have no desire to harm anyone with this stuff - certainly, I have passive aggressively prayed for people to learn harsh lessons and stuff like that when I was in a bad mood, but I don't want to engage in dark practice with magick.  My spells are about betterment, opportunity, healing, and growth.  If I can initiate changes like that, mission accomplished.


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