Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Fucked up Vishuddhi?

I might have come to an understanding today as to why so much of my psychic input is strange, conflicting, and requires that I (temporarily) take antipsychotic medication.  It might also explain my weak thyroid and strange chest problems that doctors can't seem to find the cause of, and why I had an understanding of there being a "field".  My Vishuddhi, or throat chakra, is messed up from the spiritual assault.

I had some understanding of there being Ajna (brow chakra) problems, but I wasn't sure about the throat.  At one point, many years ago, it was so hard to speak that people assumed I had intellectual problems, and everyone treated me like shit.  Seeing as this is the centre of speech and communication, among other things, it would make sense that there might still be issues there, especially considering other medical issues.  There was also a surreal incident in 2007 where I felt an orb of heat rise up into my mouth, and then go back down into my throat, and many months later, the sensation of what felt like a balloon expelling air happening in me.  Very strange things have happened to me in this region.

Today, while in contemplation, I called upon Metatron with my sweetgrass braid and asked that he enter into me to heal this chakra, as well as the brow chakra, if it needed further healing.  I also used the prayer pipe again, hoping that it could add to it.  I shall have to see if communication improves with the spirit world, and if my readings get cleaner and more consistent.  Vishuddhi is a major psychic chakra for insight and communication so if this is off, chances are it doesn't matter how healthy the higher centres are - I am still going to be a wonky channel.  Good to know, if this turns around due to work I did today.

I keep getting a premonition that Christmas is supposed to be really good for me spiritually.  If this proves to be true, I shall have to report what happened.


PS: I am seeing my psychiatrist for the first time in many months, at her new office.  I am going to chat about going down to 40 mg, since I believe I can handle it... it was a dose I was able to handle before, and I only had to go up, in the past, because of the spiritual assault, which is now over.

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