Friday, 1 November 2019

Akashic readings about sacred sites...

One of the things I like to play with when I read the Akashic records, to see what I can achieve with them, is hidden knowledge on various subjects.  Recently, I read about various sacred locations in the world, and found out interesting, and often eerie, pieces of information.  Here's some of them:

Sedona, Arizona: I have been here twice, both times I felt great peace at the Church of the Holy Cross vortex site.  It was blissful for me, others have claimed other experiences.  When I read on this part of the world, it stated that a divinity resides there, and that it is wise to respect the land by not taking from it, if one does not wish to be affected by this.  People who respect Sedona often feel amazing things, others can be troubled by it.  I read that what I was feeling was the local divinity saying hello to my soul.

Stonehenge: Reading on this, Stonehenge is not interpreted very well by modern man.  Something came through about it being relevant to celebration and some kind of portal.  Stonehenge is another site I have visited, and when I did it was closed off from direct contact with the tourists, thanks to idiots defacing it overtime.  I read that, again, something sacred lives there, and people have been badly affected for not respecting the land.

Easter Island: One of the Moai heads has a spirit associated with it that will speak to incredibly negative people if they come close to it, they can see what a person is about.  Apparently, it only does this with truly awful people.  Bad people have been cursed with madness.

The Pyramids of Giza: There are gods that watch over the area that are affiliated with this site.  Curses have been known to happen, and I read that one particularly awful person affiliated with the destruction of this planet who visited them is cursed to one day commit suicide, to be confronted by the god who cursed him.  So if you are awful, stay away from sites like this... or perhaps go, and rid the planet of yourself in a strange way, so we can be free of your influence!

Machu Picchu:  This reading disturbed me the most, because my father went there, and his health quickly began to deteriorate after he came back in many ways.  Something dark lives in Machu Picchu that hates the tourist industry, and often harms people who go there.  My Dad, a good man, was rather quirky, and might have said or done something to provoke a reaction, if he was indeed affected by this, which I now worry he was, because it's as though many parts of his body suddenly developed problems.  No one should go to Machu Picchu - it's disrespectful because of the tourist trade.  If you do go, treat it with profound respect, I suppose.

The Mesoamerican Pyramids: Another site probably best avoided if you can't respect it correctly.  People have died after visiting these sites.  The tourist trade has created strange spiritual problems for people, and they don't even know about it, or see it as superstition.  I am thinking that if I go to any sacred site like this, I must study as much as I can, and read psychically about it, to know how to approach with the right level of respect.

That's it for now - it's sad how modern man has forgotten about the gods, in many ways, and that those who remember may not know how to approach them properly.  Among the saddest parts of our century is that we have forgotten about how to take care of our souls, things are more about acquiring the material and productivity than anything else, we have lost track of how to be human in some ways.  But I suspect this will turn again in time, what we have is wearing out, and can't possibly last, going in this direction.  It might be a strain on the mind to witness this collapse, but that's just how Spirit presents right now.


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