Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Silly Hallowe'en 2019 karaoke videos...

Time for some silly videos from karaoke last night!

Here's one of me dancing around in my Fatima costume as Steve Oh the emcee sings "Black no 1" by Type O Negative, to kick things off.

Next, we have me singing "Like A Virgin" by Madonna.  I'm not the finest singer, but I've improved a little bit, some of the notes are strained a bit here.  Rather funny - I just wish my friend had filmed me at a better angle!

Lastly, a clip of me ironically singing "It's A Sin" by the Pet Shop Boys.  Better suited for my range.  Also, this is a darker clip but the angle is better to see the costume's glowing heart.

(The other songs I sang were "Maria" by Blondie, and "Faith" by Ghost.)

One more night in costume, looks like, then Hallowe'en partying is done for another year!  (Though I will likely dress as latex clad Sister Penance when I head out tomorrow.)


UPDATE: Devil's Night karaoke happened last night, and Sister Penance sang some songs, including "Like A Prayer" by Madonna:

Ok - enough of this kind of silliness... more interesting articles to follow shortly!

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