Friday, 4 October 2019

Our Lady of Fatima costume update...

Slowly getting to work on my Hallowe'en costume again - just painted some nice veins on the heart, lacquered it to seal things, and am considering what I need to do next.  As you can see, the LEDs in the orange and yellow plastic bag slivers produces a nice glow.  I will have to find a way to hide the battery pack and wire, if I don't want it to look like Our Lady has a pacemaker.  I'm thinking of using gold cardstock to create a sunburst I could hide all of this behind, and then just use velcro to attach everything to the top portion of the dress.  I still need to make a wreath of thorns to go around the heart - I have the wire, I just need electrician's tape to create some thorns around it.*

The most annoying part will be hand sewing the gold ribbon I will need to get around the rim of the tablecloth veil - I don't own a sewing machine, so I hand sew everything.  It's rather meditative, and ultimately I don't mind, but considering a machine could just fly though something like this and do a finer job, it's slightly irritating.  Mind you, I was a propmaker for a while, and I have gotten quite good at tasks like this.

Looks like I need to make a trip both to Michael's and to Dollarama to pick up what remains of what I require - no big deal.  Good thing I have a few weeks before this is due - most of what I needed is already purchased.


*EDIT: I got the wreath of thorns done today too, pictured here - it turned out quite nicely.  I think I have solved, at least in my head, every potential costuming issue with this one.  The costume looks plain here, but I still have touches to add, including the making of that mighty gold crown.  I changed my mind and shall likely attach the Sacred Heart using pins on the wreath to the gown, not including a sunburst - I found a better, simpler way of hiding the battery pack.

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