Saturday, 26 October 2019

New talisman out of an old item, and some occult vs. mysticism musings...

I had this cobra arm bracelet for about two years now - I bought it around the time the Cobra began to emerge as a shapeshifting phenomenon where the hood of the animal would rise over my shoulders.  It was strictly ornamental, but just today I figured out it would be a suitable talismanic item for wearing to help me work with Cobra.  I prayed to the Spirit to transform it into a talisman, slipped it onto my arm, and suddenly felt a change in the quality of my channeling and psychic sight.  So I'm going to start wearing this under my sleeve most of the time, along with the other talismans I have around my neck.  (I'm also hoping this can help me knock out what remains of the demonic field.)

I'm starting to figure out that I have only ever gotten a slight taste of Cobra's powers, so I need to keep praying to Spirit to initiate them further.  I am still an initiate, not yet done in my growth, which is one reason why you're going to see me leap back and forth from idea to idea on here.  Bear with me.

Some more insights about occultism and mysticism, that seem to sync up in some ways with the writings I have researched by Evelyn Underhill.  Hands down, the mystical approach to spirituality is ALWAYS the better approach in regards to developing the soul.  Spirit told me that without the grace of God that mysticism provides, an occult path is little more than an interesting experiment that can result in dire consequences if executed poorly.  Spellcraft, from what I channel and from what I experienced firsthand, will never be as powerful as the prayers of a soul that has built up its relationship to the gods.  A human being is never a source of divine power - they can be a powerful conduit for divine power and initiate profound change with the gods, but they themselves are a mere vessel of this, the Divine is what makes things work when it needs to, or when it is in the best interest that things proceed a certain way.  The problem with spellcraft is that when it achieves a means, it is not a sound method of doing so, there are often spiritual problems associated with the event, subtle or obvious, that result, especially when dark forces are around.  A mystical approach of building up the soul and basing practice on prayer to achieve a means allows the Divine to pull the strings, making the result, if it be the will of the gods, sound and effective.

Humans are creatures that love using tools, and I think there is an assumption that prayer alone is not as effective as using occult ritual.  The whole "thoughts and prayers" thing has also given prayer a bad reputation for being ineffective, even silly.  Let me tell you - after the severe psychological damage I developed from practising spellcraft while under the influence of this demon, it was prayer and some smudge ritual that saved me from torment.  I had to build up my soul with various techniques of contemplation, meditation, and prayer to get to a higher level, it was my only option to free myself.  The Christian path, particularly Catholic practice, is powerful against bad occultism results, and is known to have freed many influenced by this.  Hence, my feelings of gratitude towards Jesus, Mary, the saints and angels.

Occultism looks cool, but at the end of the day, it's all fun and games until someone loses their marbles.  Mysticism and the prayer based approach, surrendering to the Divine and growing in that way, building up the soul, is your best bet for spiritual strength and maturity.  It's funny how pop religions like some of the neopagan paths are trendier with interesting young minds, but they are crap in many ways for growth and the acquisition of power.  It's also a shame how corrupt some of the sacred religions have become... many are not what they once were, and politics have no place in religion.

We live in strange times for religion - the sacred looks corrupt, the foolish looks alluring.  But spirituality is a very personal thing, and what's right for one person's path will be radically different from another's.  It can take many, many years of experimentation for a seeker to discover the path that's best for them.


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