Saturday, 19 October 2019

Improving on tarot techniques...

Yesterday, I saw my new teacher, the psychic man I have been discussing on here.  As I have mentioned before, I had been using a technique where I flip through every card, face up, until the Spirit pulls one that feels right from the deck, and I proceed to channel a message.  Though an interesting alternative, the teacher found some flaws in it, and also found a way to correct this.

The trick with psychic ability, he says, is to quieten the mind, free it from thinking, and let the thoughts come to you.  Having the cards face up means that it can lead to overthinking, thus leading to influence in the reading that can lead to inaccuracy.  His advice?  Do the same thing, but with the cards upside down, so my mind can't know what the card is going to be.  The results were fascinating.

This new technique is tricky, but it forces me to rely more on the Spirit to give the answer, and it cuts the bullshit in half.  I have to be "on" for it to work, but when it does work, it's almost magical what comes out of it.  I still gave accurate readings when I read some people with this method, and I got the sense that it's the best way of training the soul to open, without fear of mental overanalyzing.  This shall be my new practice.

I still live with something odd that remains from the spiritual assault - I read this is going to take a while to be free of, which is a bummer.  But considering where I was with this years ago, strapped to a hospital bed with "no hope of recovery" and now, reading quite accurately as a psychic and even making some money from it, I'm worlds beyond, and it's likely to only get better.


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