Thursday, 3 October 2019

Fratello Metallo!

A friend introduced me to this fascinating monk - Father Cesare Bonizzi, a heavy metal Capuchin friar, who fell in love with the metal sound after attending a Metallica concert.

What strikes me as genuine and cool about this guy is that he is not using metal as a platform to preach or covert people to Christianity, but instead as a means of inspiring the idea of living life to the fullest.  He sounds like the real deal.

It's cute and cheeky how he uses the ASL gesture of "I love you" as a kind of parody of the devil horns gesture when he sings - they are quite similar looking, and often confused with one another.

Like Sister Wendy the art nun, he seems like the right kind of Catholic clergy - there needs to be more people in religion like this, living their lives, bringing joy, with no strange agenda attached.


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