Sunday, 6 October 2019

Fatima crown (still under construction)...

I started, and finished, most of the Fatima crown today.  The gold card stock worked well with a bit of wire and a glue gun.  The orb at the top is styrofoam that I painted gold, as you probably figured out.  I might purchase a string of plastic pearls to decorate this with, maybe plastic gems... whatever I can find that would work.  I was going to put a red pouf inside of it, but I think I might leave it now, it looks fine, and not all versions of Our Lady have crowns with that component.  This is super light and I expect my idea of using a ring of velcro to attach it to the veil will work nicely.

For the veil, I decided I am going to create a clasp and possibly some gold chain linking it beneath the chin - unusual for this icon, but it will hold the veil more firmly to me if there is a wind, take strain off the head, and cover up the obvious part of the nighty I used as part of the dress.  There's not much left to do... mostly obtaining gold ribbon, hand sewing it to the veil, decorating the crown, and any other minor finishing touches I can think of.  I decided against gold tears - I don't want to look like a French harlequin mask, but I like the idea of some gold makeup, so perhaps pale foundation, rosy cheeks and lips, and dramatic eye makeup with a little bit of gold.  The shoes will just be some white mary janes I have had for a while.

This might end up being my most elegant costume in a while - I can't wait to sport the finished product!


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