Thursday, 3 October 2019

Experimenting with Bibliomancy...

As mentioned earlier, I wanted to discuss a way that I found that works for me when referring to the Bible - Bibliomancy.

Unlike the Eknath Easwaran translations of sacred Indian writings like the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads, the Bible was something I could not get far into without growing frustrated whenever I would try to pick it up and read it like a novel.  So much that happens, especially in the Old Testament, is rather upsetting, and I don't find it enjoyable to comb over.  A lot has been taken out of original context thanks to shoddy scholarship, there are dated ideas that only suited the times they were from, and literal interpretation that shouldn't be is still often taken literally, so I find the experience more unpleasant than most Christians would probably want it to be for me.  So I have a copy, but until recently I rarely cracked it.

It was through automatic gestures that I was able to discern that Spirit wanted me to refer to my cheap copy of the NIV for something - so I instinctually flipped to the table of contents, where my eyes rested on the Book of Job.  Then I channeled a message along the lines of: "Your life has been like Job's life", so I read the whole thing, and when I got to the end, Spirit said: "Remember, like Job, you shall be rewarded for what you have endured".

After this interesting experience, I began to, on occasion, pray to Spirit for guidance I could use from a quote in the Bible - fascinating results have come from this.  It's sometimes almost a better method than trying to get certain pieces of wisdom from straight channel, at least at this point in my development.  I can't even quote exactly what else it has directed me to read, only that the quotes have been strikingly accurate and compelling as answers to questions I had.  Spirit said: "Here is one way I shall prove to you that I am talking to you".

I am also being encouraged to consider the Psalms as a means of helping me with my soul, I am not sure what's going to come of that, but I shall post an update if anything interesting comes of my use of working with them.

Had a great dinner with a table full of progressive, politically left leaning religious folk tonight - a Jew, several Muslims, and Christians of various denominations sitting together, enjoying a meal and having a great intellectual, theological discussion.  It was a positive experience, and a place where I felt I could openly share some of my wild experiences without being judged as peculiar.


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