Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Another premonition was right on the mark!

Two days ago, I read that I would break something yesterday.  Well, yesterday I was at my MD's clinic for a check up.  I had been feeling like I am made of lead for a while now, and needed my thyroid and some other things checked... they don't seem to know what is causing this, so I think it's pranic due to my spiritual problems, I certainly am not depressed or anxious.

Anyway, as I was pulling off my old Beats headphones, they snapped like a twig at the headband portion!  I actually was more excited that I had predicted this than I was upset that they had finally broken in half, because those headphones were over 4 or 5 years old and not the greatest anymore anyway... so in the trash they went.

As for the feeling of exhaustion, it's like the upper half of my body has a weight in it, and I still get the deep inhales.  I suspect this is the "dark field" I have been discussing, not yet gone from my body.  It affects my spirit, thus exhausting the body.  I think it is gradually dissipating, I am not sure how to accelerate the process, but a key keeps coming up in spirit drawings, which I figured out is representative of an old handcuff key I had buried in my backyard at the time when I committed myself to killing the entity, many years ago, so maybe that's a sign it's going to be gone soon - hope so!  (The key symbolized the bondage of the entity enslaving me, and the burial of it represented putting it to death - it was a "spell" I was casting.)  My lungs feel weak, even though I haven't smoked in 11 years, and though doctors have listened and can't hear problems in them, I did get a lung infection at the beginning of the year and I feel a vulnerability there.  Something dark is affecting my energy field, making me weary and susceptible to medical complications.  Perhaps, due to where it is on my body, if would explain the hypoactive thyroid and any neurological strangeness as well.  Needless to say, I have been praying like crazy to Raphael to avoid further health problems!

I think I have figured out that my soul is what is at peace... it's my spirit that feels ill.  (I often confuse the two.)  So now I am concentrating on my spirit a bit more, hoping to alleviate some of this horrible shit.  I have become more aware of the difference between the two from both working on them, and from feeling strange effects within them.  The mind is happy and good, but perhaps quirky without a bit of medication due to my spirit being as ill as it is.


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