Thursday, 19 September 2019

Satanic Panic Night...

Some weirdos and I are getting together soon to hold what I call "Satanic Panic Night" - a night of watching the worst of LHP videos while heckling them and then praying the rosary later for the people who made them.  I call this trend #AnglicanTrolling, after the Church of England famously asked all Anglicans to pray for Richard Dawkins after his stroke - both because it's the right thing to do, but also to drive Dawkins fucking crazy.  Later, we will watch some Catholic horror flicks, or perhaps more nunsploitation, while consuming red wine and crackers that look like communion wafers.  We are not your typical Christians (some who are coming are even areligious or Muslim) - which leads me to a discussion I had last night about this:

I feel like there's a big part of my life I can discuss with Christians because they would understand my devotion, but a lot of the more conservative ones especially would find fault in my lifestyle or approach to things like abortion, for example.  At the same time, a lot of my queer identified friends and I can relate very well in other areas of my life, but the Christian side of me makes me worry that they are wary of that component, even if on an unconscious level.  It seems I need to seek out people who will get that I am certainly religious, but also very progressive about it, and from a more personal, mystical standpoint than anything to do with church dogma.  Mine is an experimental, alternative approach to the Christian path, that incorporates things that most Christians wouldn't dream of, like divination tools, and praying to sources that, although of God, are not of the Christian religion per se.  I wholly understand the power of aligning with Christ, but I see it as a way of connecting to God through a human avatar, and I believe that one doesn't have to convert to Christianity to work with Jesus.  Hindus, Muslims, Wiccans... anyone can work with Christ.  In fact, He can only add to one's practice, and helps many in many paths.  In occult practice, the presence of Christ in one's life can even prevent spiritual problems, or correct those that already exist - that's why I recommend Him.

In cathedrals I visit, when I dress in my alternative fashion with crosses hanging off of me, I probably stick out like a sore thumb.  Likewise, at queer meetups and groups of non-religious friends, I must look strange as well.  Oh well - I guess it comes down to conduct more than anything else... am I treating everyone with respect, am I friendly and courteous, do I do what's right... yes, I do.  Sure, I will encounter morons like the fanatic who tried to bar me from entering the cathedral that time, but most people are not like that.  Next time someone tries anything like that with me again, I will comment that I am sad to see the devil has consumed their heart, they are clearly riddled with sin, and I shall pray for them... if I speak their language, they tend to back off.


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