Monday, 23 September 2019

Satanic Panic Night results...

† Holy vanilla wafers! †
Satanic Panic Night was a success, other than a terrible movie we watched being... terrible.

We used a Saint Michael chaplet and prayed that, then did a group rosary session - I prayed for many things, including for an uncle of mine who is not well, along with our regular Anglican style trolling of difficult LHP people we watch online, who shall remain nameless so as not to stir up any drama.  After various videos of the good, the bad, and the ugly of the esoteric, we popped a DVD copy of 'The Nun' into my XBox, which turned out to be unbelievably stupid.

This is the kind of thing that might have been charming if it was low budget, and thus excusable for being mindless, but because it was high budget, it was insulting, knowing better writers could have been hired.  There's not much of a plot, except that an abbey in Romania is haunted by demonic forces, and it's confusing as to what exactly is going on with the sisters who reside in it.  A young novitiate, a priest, and a random French Canadian man go to investigate after a nun commits suicide.

This film suffers from having far too much phenomena and too many jump scares for the audience to care anymore.  The horror is silly, not scary, and the writing is often ridiculous.  ("Christ?  As in... Jesus Christ?"  Uhhhhh... yeah.)  From the Catholic horror genre, I much preferred 'Stigmata', because even though it could be goofy as well, it was much more fun and creative about it, and I actually reacted to some of what I saw like I was supposed to, in part because of my own religious problems - this other film just made me groan.

Speaking of Catholic themed movies, that upcoming Netflix film, 'The Two Popes', looks like it's going to be very good.  Brilliant casting - Anthony Hopkins as Ratzinger, Jonathan Pryce as Francis... nice.  I shall have to watch that one, definitely.

The latest, ongoing message from Spirit is that the field of "darkness", which has faded substantially BTW, is something I can't really do anything about to hurry out of me - it must dissolve with the aid of the Spirit, on its own terms.  I guess that is how long it takes to accomplish something like what I have done.  There is mild deception under its influence, but nothing that interferes terribly with my life for long.  With the comic done, I am mostly socializing, doing my day job, having a good time.  I may have to wait up to a year to be clear of the residue, but I think I can handle it now without complications.


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